Jun. 2nd, 2010 01:35 am
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Okay, need to make a post now to go over quickly everything that's happened in the past couple weeks:

Finals taken, classes finished! I had a moment of sheer terror when I walked in for my British Literature final - I was two hours late! It's like one of those terrible cliche dreams, except I wasn't naked (that might have improved the situation, who knows). But the professor was very understanding and I wrote my final essay in his office while he started working on the rest of the class's papers. At one point another teacher walked up to the door and asked him if he was done with grading and he responded that he hasn't but all he had left were the Brit lit papers and Brit Lit students aren't just any old students. XD

So, I have an A in British lit, a B in both Mythology and Communications and don't know what my grade is yet for my Self-Defense class, but probably a B. Overall, I've got around a 3.0 now. That's good for me!

This morning I drove up with mom to take my driver's exam, but (alas) I made a FATAL ERROR and failed. Basically, I swung into traffic too early and a car had to avoid me. Oooops. I was trying to rush passing the test (well, as rushed as you can get taking a drive test at 21) for super secret special reasons, which meant that I had to take it downtown rather than around where I live. Oh well. I shall reschedule and try again. Maybe in an area I'm more familiar with next time!

I had a school counselor appointment today, wherein I learned that I have to take more classes than I thought I had to take, that I have to attend Fall and Spring, and that I'm going to come out of it with two Associates degrees (English and English Creative Writing), two certificates, and possibly one other thing. In the fall I have to take more math and science...which I've been studiously avoiding. Also, I might need to take an American Lit class? I have to go back and check.

I also took a look at a music theory class that they have being taught on the guitar. I've been practicing the guitar just about everyday, but it would be great to actually know more about what I'm doing and how the guitar actually works as an instrument.

I felt absolutely terrible after my test today, but I do know that I'm on a track. I'm going somewhere!

(lets hope it's not off a cliff)

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