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So, Lia ([ profile] mertondingle) just posted up her riveting account of her trip down heer to visit for a week. That happened like a month and a half ago, so I suppose I should post up my pictures.

Got up in the morning and went down to the airport. While looking around for Lia, mom asked what she looked like and I answered "Me". This turned out to be truer than I originally thought. It was like seeing a red haired copy of myself whenever I saw her out of the corner of my eye.

Anywho! The first place we went was the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center, where we played around with all the interactive displays. My favorite is...well, there's a thing that creates a giant smoke ring, and a tiny tornado, and a room that creates a reverse film loop of whatever you're doing. Fun stuff.

We also made stuff out of little wooden blocks. Lia made a TARDIS.


...and then she twittered about it. I didn't realise it was a TARDIS until she put something on top that looked like a light.

Then we saw a planetarium show! The guy was funny and I learned how to find Arcturus and Spika!

The next day we got distracted by an awesome guitar/piano jam session and missed the bus...twice. So Lia had the honors (and horrors) of driving my junky car down to the Maritime Museum. I'm in love with the Maritime Museum, js. Shipssss.

Btw, I'm bffs with Magellan.


I love going down into the submarine. There are lots of awesome things that are PERFECTLY REASONABLE TO TOUCH. Don't let anyone tell you any differently. I jumped up and lay down in one of the bunks. It was pretty tight and I may have hurt myself a bit getting down, but it was totally worth it.


Lia twittered some more.

...and I discovered that we were screwed if the lights went out.

Then we went back up to visit the other ships. Most of them are converted to have little museum displays inside.


We discovered that Fitz and Eight left their instruments there by mistake (there was a violin in another exhibit) and that Eleven had undressed there at some point (there were some suspenders and a bow tie laid out on the captain's bed).

After the ships, we had some fish and chips, observed some pigeons and headed back over to Balboa Park to wander a bit.


There was some hipster arty bus show thing going on outside of the San Diego Museum of Art. I guess it was a commentary on modern society...or something. It was mostly guys in skinny jeans and odd costume pieces slowly walking around the bus to electronic music.

We wandered off for a little while, looked at clouds, then wandered back to the museum. I convinced the lady at the desk that Lia was a student. She isn't. Shh. Inside there was more weirdness, as it seems we'd shown up in time for a presentation called "Vibrating Milk". Basically, they poured milk onto a drum and vibrated it with various sounds. It created a bunch of cool patterns in the liquid. I didn't take video, but there's one from another performance here.

We explored the rest of the museum, and one of the docents told us to get back behind an invisible line that used to be there but isn't anymore. I'm convinced that she was actually a performance artist.


There was some pretty kick ass calligraphy, Lia twittered some more, and I took an arty picture. Play spot the two Lias!

Then we remembered that we'd parked way on the opposite side of the park, so we limped back. I sang Wizard of Oz songs and Lia made friends with a peacock. At first neither of us realized that the car's headlights weren't on. Oops. No, driving through a big parking lot at night with the lights off is totally safe, really.

The next...couple days? we stayed home, watched Caffeine for the adorable Callum Blue moments and O Luck Man!, Nothing, and Primer, because I was trying to break Lia's brain. When I succeeded we watched some Red Dwarf.

The next morning we watched Vincent and the Doctor and we both cried. That afternoon Mom drove us down to the beach and we walked around for a bit.

Beach! That's my Mom in the background. we drew a Dalek in the sand, but the ocean killed it before it could become a force for evil.

After the beach we went to see Dog Sees God. Lia liked it. I was a bit meh about it. There was a guy in it that I'd taken an acting class with before, which was a bit odd. Then dinner and home for outrageous drunkenness.

Though examination of twitter, my History, and what's left of our memories, we started the night by discussing how Fitz would have turned out if he's lived through the seventies and eighties. Somehow this involved leisure suits and really bad pick up lines. Around then, we got very drunk, watched a bunch of frezned videos and an episode of The Young Ones. Lia crawled around on the floor and I took this picture. I remember absolutely nothing after that. Apparently my mom came down and asked why Lia was still on the floor.

We both had horrendous hangovers the next day, so we slept in. I filled out my ballot and mailed it in (whoo absentee voting!) and we didn't do anything till late that night went we went to see Iron Man 2 at the drive in. I've never been there in the dark, but it's not modern at all. When you drive up to the ticket booth you get the impression that you've either just entered a horror movie or a Hopper painting. The movie was fun and we sang Ludo songs really loudly on the way home.

THEN THE ZOO! Most of the day consisted of us wandering around to different animals and mimicking or making stupid comments about them. Fortunately Lia has mostly captured her silly comments on video.

Lia rode a polar bear.

My favorite bit is the hummingbird room. We just hung out there a while and watch them flying around. We also learned that if a human's heart beat as fast as a hummingbirds, they would die. Really really quickly.

Here I am trying to get the hummingbirds to all lite on me and join me in song. I think they doubted my fairy princess credentials.

There was a bunny in the carnivorous plants exhibit and Lia got tired of me taking pictures of her. As far as I know, the bunny didn't get eaten by a giant venus fly trap. As far as I know.

The next day we took the bus back into Hillcrest where all the neat vintage clothes and used books stores are. We looked around, lol'd, and I found my Fitz coat. I fits perfectly! Then Lia made me put on leather pants and a striped shirt. The leather pants were actually pretty damn comfy. I almost bought them.

We walked back the same way to find a bus stop, which after a few miles we realized was a bad idea. It's hard to go back the same way when it's a one-way street. So we hopped over a street and caught the last bus home. Go us. I ended up letting Lia borrow my jacket because I'm a sucker (also I wasn't very cold).

That night we watched more Red Dwarf and stayed up really late because we both didn't want to go to bed. In the morning I wore leather pants and an oversized t-shirt red pants, and we dropped Lia off at the airport. It was sad.


on 2010-07-22 08:31 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I love how I'm tweeting in 500% of the pictures. THE INVISIBLE LINE THING STILL MAKES ME ANGRY and I have video of the milk thing and the bunny. And a thousand other things, I've got to edit those all together.

on 2010-08-02 02:47 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Looks like fun! You two really do look alike.

Ok, y'all distracted me with your double cuteness, but I came here to ask a vitally important question.


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