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First, thanks to anyone who commented on my last post. <3

NOW ON TO BUSINESS. I have some ideas for creative projects, but I'm not entirely sure which would be interesting to more than just me.

IDEA THE FIRST: An illustrated guide to logical fallacies. I would set up a blogspot and regularly post a simple comic and a complete description of the depicted fallacy (in a fun to read way instead of a stodgy academic way). I love fallacies and this would be a great way for me to get them hard-wired into my brain, not to mention create a great resource. Pros: fun, educational. Cons: More difficult, possibly obtuse

IDEA THE SECOND: Read comic books. As a newbie to the comic book world (my total education in the genre is under ten books), it might be interesting to document my journey into the worlds of DC, Marvel and beyond, sharing my opinions along the way. I did a quick look, and I didn't find anything like this, but then again, I'm not sure comics fans would be interested in reading that sort of thing - though I could definitely make it a fun read. If you are a comics fan, what would you think of a newb perspective? Pros: Give myself a reason to read up on the backstories I'm interested in and the mythology of those universes, probably could get me press passes to Comic-Con next year. Cons: Might be unwanted/already done, more expensive.

IDEA THE THIRD: Create a personal blog/write short stories and poems for submission to online and print magazines. This is something that I really should be trying to do, but I just haven't been doing. Not only would writing more often (and more than just my book) be good for developing my writing skills, but it could get my name out there if I actually get anything published. The personal blog would contain essays on interesting topics and my own life experiences. Unlike this journal, it would give me a more public place to put my thoughts and, hopefully, to sell myself (in a non-hookerish sort of way). Pros: Incentive to publish and market myself, provide a place for people to find me online. Cons: Content will probably be slim at first, broader topics mean less people will be interested.

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Aaaand that's it. Actual post describing life events to follow.

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I like all of these ideas, but I think the logical fallacies one is the most original / sounds like it has potential to be hilarious. I do think you could combine that with posting your short stories and things, as well, though. I'd love to read a blend of the two I REALIZE THAT ISN'T ONE OF THE OPTIONS.


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