May. 26th, 2010

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So, this past week, I started having what seems like an allergic reaction - one that I've had before on two occasions: this time I've gone rash on my ears and down my neck, and it itches like hell if I scratch I haven't been. The first time was three years ago, and then the next time with similar stuff was last year. I went to an allergist then and he thought it was a virus gone systemic, but it seems to me like I've got an allergy to something that happens around here around this time.

Anyhow, I went into the doctor today and he prescribed me some Prednizone (basically, a steroid) and some antihistamines. Hopefully that'll get it to stop. After I moved here to La Mesa it's happened just about every year around July (so this year it's early) except for in 2008 when I was up visiting my dad at the end of July.

So...after all that, we still really don't know what has caused this or what will cause it in the future. I'm supposed to make an appointment with an allergist. Maybe he'll be able to figure it out. Run tests or something.

Now mom wants to go down to Lowes, so I'll write more on school and stuff when we get back.

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