Dec. 9th, 2011

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First thing: I'm a finalist in a competition to win 1000 bucks worth of awesome shoes. Please please please go over here and vote for "Razor Sharp". The voting is only for the next few days and you can vote every day!

Second thing: I'm (hopefully) going to mail out my Christmas cards this weekend. If you want one, drop your address in this post!

And now the what I've been doing with my life stuff:

Since my last proper update ages ago, I both got into Emerson College and realized that I can't go because there's no way I can afford it. Even if I won a bunch of scholarships, the debt of my student loans would be following me for the rest of my life. So... there's that.

I'm thinking that I have a couple options open to me now- I can scout around for internships with independent publishers. Maybe an online magazine would be a good choice barring that. There are a lot of publishers out there. Surely one of them would be interested in having me read through their slush pile.

The other option I have open now is to go after starting up a bookstore I'd love to be in. I've been thinking for a while of trying to start something like Mysterious Galaxy Books here in San Diego or Borderlands in San Fran: an exclusively genre bookstore that holds events and fun things. That definitely wouldn't be easy, but I think I could definitely do something like that. The history on the Borderlands website mentions that they started with a much smaller place, it took a year before they could sell new books and three years before they hired their first employee. I can very easily imagine myself in a place like that. Whether or not I could keep it about water is another question.

The third option is to keep writing and submitting. Submissions are open for Clarion again this year and I think I might try to get in. Again, even if I do get it there might be a financial issue, but I can try anyway.

In more here-and-now news, it looks like my mom is going to have to short-sell both the place we're living in now and her rental property because she owes way more on them than they're worth and her payments at the place here just went up. So come the new year we'll probably be renting. That's not all bad. Moving will suck, but I might be able to live in a room that less of a closet than the one I'm in now, and we'll be able to save money.

Because of that situation, mom decided to go out and buy a newer car before her credit turns to shit, so a while ago we went and got a 2010 Ford Focus. It's nice, and mom gave me her old Corolla The dealer got my '85 Camry that was falling apart at the seams. I'm not sure the Corolla is in any better shape, but it definitely looks better.

What else? I'm still trying to get a job, but so far it's not looking all that good. I'm thinking I might just start trying other means of making money. Not quite sure what that'll be at the moment, but I have ideas! Definite ideas! I've read a lot more this year than last, which is a very good thing. I'm nearly done with the EDAs featuring Fitz. Just six or seven left, I think. Now I will know ALL THE FITZ THINGS. ...Except all the things I've forgotten since I started reading them.


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