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I'm calling this "If you get this, you know way too much about Doctor Who"

No idea why it turned out slightly blurry. I think it was photobucket's doing.

I showed the line art to [ profile] mertondingle earlier and we decided that there should be a new TV show on:

[ profile] cosmic_celery: If there was a Fitz and Nine mopey drunk hour TV show, I'd watch it every damn week.
[ profile] mertondingle: That would be the best television show ever.
[ profile] mertondingle: People could call in with questions and their solutions would be "BAHH FUCK IT ALL."
[ profile] cosmic_celery: LOL I love it. And then they'd hang up the phone and go make lists of all the things they're depressed about.
[ profile] mertondingle: Like David Letterman's top ten things.
[ profile] cosmic_celery: Except they can't decide which one is the worst.
[ profile] mertondingle: So it's just "#1: Everything. :-("
[ profile] cosmic_celery: DD:
[ profile] cosmic_celery: Okay, now I'm imagining like...the Sonny and Cher show, except instead of breaking into song, Nine would rant for a while and Fitz would play a depressing song in the background.
[ profile] mertondingle: Ahahahaha.

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On the left, Damon from Arc of Infinity. On the right, Wilson from House.
Absolutely UNCANNY resemblance here, guys.

Also, looking up synonyms for "reverie" today I thought this was slightly odd:

An antonym of "reverie" is nightmare, but an antonym of "daydream" is reality? Does that mean that, since the definition of "reverie" is "daydream", its antonyms are both "nightmare" and "reality"?

My tenuous Maxil backstory, since a couple of you asked (Sorry, does not include any Bayban references. That's in his future, duh.):
He was gullible. When he was little, he believed every ghost story and legend that his parents told him. He trusted his parents; his father's strict rules and his mother's disappointment, and the last thing he wanted to do was fail in front of them or any other authority figure.

Early on he figured out that he could bully people into doing what he wanted, and so he did. His mother discouraged it, trying instead to get him to reach out and understand people and their motivations, to use manipulation rather than force, but he found that too hard to do. Someone once convinced him to circumvent the rules, but he got caught and couldn't talk his way out of it. He thought he'd failed, and vowed to never do so again.

He never had a gift for understanding people, and so he abandoned the idea completely. Instead, he decided to follow the rules as closely as he could, otherwise he knew that he'd end up failing. When he began to be promoted, he figured that this was vindication of his method and kept to it. He likes the idea of being in authority, because that means he gets to make the rules. As such, he has an innate hatred for anyone like the Doctor who circumvents the rules and succeeds while doing it.

[ profile] cosmic_celery (2:00:07 AM): Okay. S'fine with me. But seriously, Fitz and Charley are super adorable. I love it. And look forward to him totally messing things up.
[ profile] faience(2:01:01 AM): yeah, there's sort of a voice in my head that says i really ought to keep her far, far away from him
[ profile] faience (2:01:17 AM): but they're far too cute to actually listen to that voice
[ profile] cosmic_celery(2:01:39 AM): hee XD
[ profile] faience(2:02:25 AM): i love that he's totally ready to run off for the doctor.
[ profile] cosmic_celery (2:05:52 AM): He knows the Doctor really well, and definitely knows what gets him distressed. He worries about him. And loves him a bit. But he's not going to run. He'll walk at a brisk pace until he finds him.
[ profile] faience(2:06:50 AM): *giggle*
[ profile] faience(2:08:06 AM): well, it might give the wrong impression if he *ran*
[ profile] cosmic_celery (2:09:34 AM): Yes. He's just looking for his friend. The world's not exploding or anything. This clearly is not a critical issue.
[ profile] faience(2:10:15 AM): except for the fact that he's leaving a pretty, half-naked girl to go check to make sure his boyfriend is okay, of course.
[ profile] cosmic_celery (2:11:14 AM): Yes, but she did already agree to go out with him, so he's covered.

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Nospai: you got a job?
Nospai: i mean yob
Nospai: meng
Dibmonkey: nein, ich (y)obbe nicht. =(
Nospai: oh well you have school now
Nospai: i mean
Nospai: uh
Nospai: kinder garten
Dibmonkey: hah, not kindergarten. ah...uni? I think they use Uni as slang. I can't remember if that's Germa or ust British.
Dibmonkey: wow...typos to the max.
Nospai: i think it's slang in german, but for unicorn
Nospai: or, unicornen
Dibmonkey: unicorneren.
Nospai: unicornerenleibenschleibenloben
Nospai: is the full term i believe
Nospai: though there could be a few more syllables on the end
Dibmonkey: well, yeah, but that's hardly in common use anymore.
Nospai: a shame, really.
Nospai: i'd love to see what they'd tack into that in any attempts at dubbing
Dibmonkey: in German or English?
Nospai: english
Nospai: either they'd say 'unicorn' and proceed to flap their mouths for 5 minutes
Nospai: or they'd say something like 'unicorn which is very pretty and shiny and which i like very much yes i do'
Dibmonkey: 'unicorn, derived from uni, meaning one, and corn, meaning...corn. One-corn.'
Nospai: lmao
Nospai: when ground into a powder, it becomes white, and is useful like a unicorn horn
Nospai: i was totally going somewhere witht hat and unicorn blood but i lost my train of thought
Dibmonkey: recent discoveries suggest that the blood of the unicorn, or the "one-corn" can be used to fuel automobiles...
Nospai: but if you do your car will slowly become UNDEAD!!!
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I've been getting into Psych, and poking around in the fandom a bit. And I'm totally into a particular ship, so I'd been watching a couple YouTube videos of said ship (Shawn/Lassiter aw yeah) when I find video by a real life friend of mine that I've known for years. Then, In looking at some of the other videos, I saw comments by her, including a link to Shawn/Lassiter fanfic she wrote! I knew she was a fan of the show, but I didn't know she did that sort of stuff, so I thought, AWESOME, I shall tell her I am into the fandom. I'd love to have someone in real life I can share fandomey things with. Then this happened:

Dibmonkey (9:09:07 PM): god help me, I am getting into Psych fandom.
Frank2Did5It (9:09:27 PM): o_o
Frank2Did5It (9:09:29 PM): xD
Frank2Did5It (9:09:37 PM): Welcome to my world.
Dibmonkey (9:09:46 PM): lolz
Dibmonkey (9:11:04 PM): i've been watching episodes online. got through season one and working on two now.
Frank2Did5It (9:11:12 PM): Cool.
Frank2Did5It (9:11:16 PM): Season 3 starts soon.
Dibmonkey (9:13:25 PM): yeah. Was reminded that you were a fan when I saw a comment you made on a YouTube video i was watching.
Frank2Did5It (9:13:33 PM): Lawl, really?
Dibmonkey (9:14:04 PM): yes. twas an odd real life meets internets moment.
Frank2Did5It (9:16:07 PM): Heh, neat.
Dibmonkey (9:19:33 PM): haha, so if I dig around, am I going to find embarassing fic you've written? (eh, not that i'd dig around)
Frank2Did5It (9:19:59 PM): I don't think so.
Frank2Did5It (9:20:14 PM): Mostly because I haven't written any fics for Psych.

But you have! You have written smushy, muture-readers-only Shassie fic!

LIAR. LIAR. Pants on FIRE.


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