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Back when help_haiti was going, somebody asked me to draw up Eight, Fitz and Anji (and I just got around to finishing it >>). it is! Has anyone drawn Anji before? I don't know. I do know that [ profile] henriettastreet is doing a fic writing/ art making thing. Maybe it'll produce more Anji art!

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I'm sure you've seen links to this all over your flist already, but: [ profile] help_haiti is a fandom auction set up to help support Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. Basically, people bid to have writers produce fic, or people to make jewelry or any other number of things. The winning bidder shows proof of donation, and gets a wonderful whatever in return.

In my case, I'm offering some fan art. My thread for bids is HERE, should anyone be interested. Five bucks seems to be the general low starting bid, so that's where mine is starting.

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No word back on the casino job, so I guess they aren't interested. I'm thinking maybe I'd be better off if I had some sort of marketable skill, but the only ones I think of that'd also be fun to learn are lock picking and bar tending. ...and bar tending doesn't sound like very much fun. ...and I might get arrested practicing lock picking.

Last week I bought some black and white pillow ticking and some yellow dye, so I'm on my way to the girl!six costume I've been working on off and on for a while now. The actual sewing machine's broken, but mom's promised she'll take it in to get fixed. I just don't know when she's going to get around to it.

Also, got a neat shirt!

Like I said before, I've been re-reading Good Omens, and I got around to drawing a Hugh Laurie inspired Crowley:
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I drew Aziraphale too, but he looked too much like Stephen Fry and I drew the eyes a bit too high, so you don't get to see that one.


Sep. 28th, 2009 03:30 pm
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For those of you who didn't catch this when I put it up on my twitter in the middle of the night:


I might x-post this a bit later.

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I'm calling this "If you get this, you know way too much about Doctor Who"

No idea why it turned out slightly blurry. I think it was photobucket's doing.

I showed the line art to [ profile] mertondingle earlier and we decided that there should be a new TV show on:

[ profile] cosmic_celery: If there was a Fitz and Nine mopey drunk hour TV show, I'd watch it every damn week.
[ profile] mertondingle: That would be the best television show ever.
[ profile] mertondingle: People could call in with questions and their solutions would be "BAHH FUCK IT ALL."
[ profile] cosmic_celery: LOL I love it. And then they'd hang up the phone and go make lists of all the things they're depressed about.
[ profile] mertondingle: Like David Letterman's top ten things.
[ profile] cosmic_celery: Except they can't decide which one is the worst.
[ profile] mertondingle: So it's just "#1: Everything. :-("
[ profile] cosmic_celery: DD:
[ profile] cosmic_celery: Okay, now I'm imagining like...the Sonny and Cher show, except instead of breaking into song, Nine would rant for a while and Fitz would play a depressing song in the background.
[ profile] mertondingle: Ahahahaha.

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I found THESE the other day, and they gave me a terrib(ly wonderful) idea:


The orange scanned as red for some reason. Also, this is a look at how sketchily I actually draw before I clean things up.

As for the outfit, I think it could work. I'd definitely prefer to make a coat, but is seems next to impossible to put together, and Two Doctors Six is a nice alternative.


Jul. 7th, 2009 06:22 pm
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I found out that, according to Big Finish, I take my tea the same way that the Sixth Doctor does (milk, no sugar). I am amused by this.

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Jun. 6th, 2009 01:12 am
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I cleaned my room! My goodness, it was getting so you could barely walk about in here, and forget about seeing the floor at all. But now it's clean! And I organized papers! Woo.

Also I added the art and comics I currently have on my computer to my DeviantArt page. So that's cleaned up too! I've got a bunch of stuff that hasn't been scanned in, but that'll have to wait.

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So, I'm riding in on the tail-end of this five things meme. [ profile] pimpmytardis gave me these things to elaborate on:

1) Six/Rani

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2) Knitting and the Season 18 scarf in general

I've been working on my Season 18 scarf since around January, and so far I've gotten this much done:

This is my second project, and my last project was a scarf as well, so I still have a lot to learn about knitting. I'm thinking about knitting Romana's long, white scarf. That might be a fun project to practice stockinette with. Hopefully I can work my way up to sweaters and hats and things. Maybe I'll try socks soon! Goodness, isn't knitting exciting?

3) the Super Writing Challenge

Last year I forget National Poetry Month, which is April. A lot of people take the opportunity to write one poem a day for a month, which is a great writing challenge. But, since I forgot about it, during May I issued my own challenge. The challenge was to do one creative thing each day...a poem, a short story, or a comic.

Of course, in the end, I did a few things and then ended up making up the rest with haiku, but I still think it was a great idea. Maybe again this May?

5) [ profile] socal_who

I created this with [ profile] urchinmoppet on a whim, to see what chance there is of getting Whovians in Southern California together. I hope something comes of it, or at least it will be a convenient place to talk about the next Gallifrey One. I'm not sure how much use it will be to me personally since I'm a bit of a hermit, but maybe I can get over that if it means being able to ramble on about Doctor Who in public sometime. =) Flisters, if you're in Southern California, join up!

If you're observant, you'll notice that there's no number four. Number four was "Owen love" which I'll have to talk about later because I want to do him good, analytical justice.
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The sketches I made in my notebook yesterday while procrastinating:

Steampunk!Rimmer resents being drawn in this pose.
You may ask, why is he wearing a monocle? The answer is: for no discernible reason! He doesn't need it. Perhaps it is a holo-accessory?

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I tried drawing a steampunky Lister, but I've been drawing tall lanky guys for far too long, and he kept ending up looking odd. Maybe I will try again later with more reference. =)
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Sometimes my ego is like this:

And sometimes...

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(Yes, my ego does wear yellow shorts and green combat boots.)

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Went down to Balboa Park last week with my mom to the Timken Gallery. Basically, it's a smaller, privately funded museum, and it's free, but I don't think they've changed out a single painting since I first visited it. So, it's kind of nice and familiar. They've got paintings by some of the Dutch masters that I really enjoy looking at. One of them is this haughty looking young captain by Rubens...I really like it for some odd reason:


It's in situations like visiting a museum, that the difference between my Mom and I is more apparent than anywhere else. Looking at another painting:

Me: I really like the use of negative space...combined with his contained posture, it really makes him look small.
Mom: I like his flippy hair. And his sad eyes.
Me: ...Yeah. He looks sad.

Yes, I like talking about the more intellectual aspects of things. Damn, I just need to find someone other than my mom to bring it up with. Tonight I asked what moved her, as a person, and she started talking about orderliness. No mom, I didn't mean to ask what you appreciate.

ETA: Coincidence that this post comes right after the "Haughty Intellectual" result in the Personality Default Test? Probably.

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Flist, tell me if the bigness bugs ya, I'll stick it behind a cut.

This character's name is Carbunkle. He's from a story of mine called "Carbunkle, a Car Battery, and a Cake".  His super-power is telling useless but true facts.

Coloring is fun!
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Really, for a girl that's owned a Wacom tablet for years, I'm thoroughly surprised it's taken me this long.

Reaaally old line art.



Feb. 2nd, 2008 10:41 pm
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Today, I was reminded that I hadn't drawn all of the Doctors, so I went ahead and tried!

Cut for bigness:



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