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Last night I opened up a left-over fortune cookie and it had two fortunes in it! One said "A bold and dashing adventure is in your future" and the other one said "you will have good luck in your personal affairs." So, that's neat. Usually you don't even get fortunes at all, just compliments to your character like "well, aren't you nice." And I wouldn't really mind if either of those came true.

Yesterday my dad came down. We went to visit grandma, and went out for dinner. We had a good time, had some good conversation, and the people at the restaurant sang me happy birthday.
My grandma gave me some money as well as a beautiful crystal perfume bottle that had belonged to her grandmother- so it's sort of a family heirloom at this point. Both she and my dad had played with the prism-like stopper of the thing when they were kids. I'm honored to have received it, but I think I'm still touched more by the dictionary she gave me earlier in the year because I can actually use that. Also, my Dad and his wife got me a pretty TARDIS blue sapphire on a necklace, a little TARDIS pin, and a collection of old "The Fly" movies. Something to feed my love for Vincent Price!

...And they also gifted me this odd figure thing that looks like a Japanese toy version of a gangster. I don't really get it. My mom also gave me a figurine that I have absolutely no interest in: a cartoonish goth girl standing on a podium that reads "Do I look like a freakin' people person?" Yeach. I have no idea why she'd think I would like that. Mom also got me some perfume which I think we're going to take back, and she and my brother bought me a Kindle, which is definitely not going back. I haven't had much chance to play around with it yet, but it is pretty awesome. First thing I did was download Swann's Way, so maybe I'll finally start working my way though a bit of Proust.

Above all, I think I've most enjoyed everyone on here and elsewhere on the internet who's wished me a happy birthday. It's made me feel liked, and I thank all of you for the good wishes.

Today, I didn't really do anything. Slept in, and then tonight me and mom had a couple terrible margaritas while we watched an episode of Blakes 7.

Back when I talked briefly about my personality type, I listed Avon as someone who shares my type. Now that I've actually been watching the episodes, I'm really beginning to see similarities in the way we think. This thought of Avon's especially struck me because it's something that I've also wondered about:

"I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care. Or indeed why it should be necessary to prove it at all."

It all has me thinking that people must view me so incredibly differently from how I view myself. In public I come off as aloof and distant, and partly that's because I am aloof and distant unless I really like a person, and it's rare that I find people whom I actually like. I'm not rude to people, I just don't interact with them if I have no interest in doing so. ...and this has resulted in my mother buying me a figurine that says "Do I look like a freakin' people person?" across the bottom. I know that I'm over-analyzing it, but it almost feels like an insult.

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So, my 21st birthday is on Sunday. I will try my absolute best within this post not to descend too deeply into what's been worrying me, which is my current lack of actually living life to any real degree. I need to stop hiding away from everything. It is so easy to hide within various levels of fantasy and let things happen around me.

So, here's some birthday resolutions:

1) I will keep learning guitar. I won't give up just because barres are a bitch and I'm tired of playing the intro riff to Please, Please Me.

2) I will get my license so I can fucking get around.

3) I will not use not driving as an excuse for anything.

4) I will get a job. See number three.

5) I will commit myself to my current classes.

These are the basics.

Since the weekend is my birthday, my Dad is coming down to visit and we'll do...something. I've no idea what. And Grandma wants to take me to this bar that's supposed to have pretty awesome burgers. And mom- no idea what mom wants to do either.

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February 14th is Owen Harper's fictional birthday.
Happy B-day, Owen.
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My Dad's come down to visit with Grandma this weekend and I'm hitching a ride back up the coast with him tomorrow. I'll stay there a week at his place then come back down on the train. During the week, I won't be able to get any internet at all, since my Dad lives in the land that internet connections forgot. So, if you need to contact me, I'll be back in about a week!

In other news: I started a season 18 Doctor Who scarf! And I found a yarn that I like too...just need to find the other two colors--going to another yarn place tomorrow in hopes that I'll have something to do on the train ride back. 

Happy early Birthday to [ profile] hms_surrender !
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Happy 45th, Doctor Who!

(and yes, that is Colin Baker singing)

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So, my birthday was not exceedingly fabulous, but I did enjoy myself, I think. Mum and I went about the shops in Hillcrest, first stop was the hat shop, and nothing there really struck my fancy, but I got the card of a place that sells bowlers in various colors, and I tried on a 900 dollar optimo style Panama hat. It was glorious.

After that, we went around the fancy used clothes stores, and I stopped in the used bookstore to see if he'd gotten in any new Doctor Who books. He hadn't, and I didn't find any clothes I really wanted, so we went and had some mexican food (which was weird because I ordered a burrito and all of the ingredients but the meat were outside of the burrito and I kind of had to add them as I went).

After that, mum realised that since I hadn't found anything I wanted in Hillcrest, that meant she hadn't really bought me anything for my birthday, so we went down to the mall and she checked on her perscription and bought me a couple Doctor Who DVDs (Mark of the Rani and The Five Doctors Anniversary edition). This made me happy.

Then we came home, watched Mark of the Rani, and I took a nap.

Then, yesterday, I visited my grandma. She game me a metal water bottle and twenty bucks, and we all went out to eat. It was nice.

Next week, my Dad'll be down and I'll go about and do something with him for my birthday, I suppose. it occures to me that much of birthdays is just dealing with a bunch of people who want to make you happy, but don't quite know how. I think I'm okay with that.

And now I'm 20. Frankly, it feels odd.
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Had a piano test this morning, which is nice because we got out of class early, and I got 5 out of 5, so hooray!

Took the bus home...I think this bus driver was having issues of some kind, or wasn't used to driving that bus or something, because he kept using the brake all the time, jostling everyone (all three of us) forward each time. Maybe they give the new drivers the less crowded buses as a sort of primer? Or maybe he was just a crap driver.

Mum's working this morning, so when she gets back we're heading to Hillcrest for my birthday. Yay. In the meantime I'm watching Stranger Than Fiction.
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In approximately five hours I will be officially twenty years old.

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Comic not by me, but still funny. Happy (slightly belated) birthday, Tesla!


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