Feb. 20th, 2010 04:45 pm
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Costume stuffs with lists of things to do for my own reference:

Cut cut cutty cut cut )

Comments? Ideas?
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No word back on the casino job, so I guess they aren't interested. I'm thinking maybe I'd be better off if I had some sort of marketable skill, but the only ones I think of that'd also be fun to learn are lock picking and bar tending. ...and bar tending doesn't sound like very much fun. ...and I might get arrested practicing lock picking.

Last week I bought some black and white pillow ticking and some yellow dye, so I'm on my way to the girl!six costume I've been working on off and on for a while now. The actual sewing machine's broken, but mom's promised she'll take it in to get fixed. I just don't know when she's going to get around to it.

Also, got a neat shirt!

Like I said before, I've been re-reading Good Omens, and I got around to drawing a Hugh Laurie inspired Crowley:
Under the Cut )

I drew Aziraphale too, but he looked too much like Stephen Fry and I drew the eyes a bit too high, so you don't get to see that one.

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I found THESE the other day, and they gave me a terrib(ly wonderful) idea:


The orange scanned as red for some reason. Also, this is a look at how sketchily I actually draw before I clean things up.

As for the outfit, I think it could work. I'd definitely prefer to make a coat, but is seems next to impossible to put together, and Two Doctors Six is a nice alternative.

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Love meeeee.


Didn't do much this week. Mom's birthday was on Thursday and we went out and saw a movie. We were going to go see Wicked at the theatre, but she didn't listen to me about it being popular so by the time she called the cheaper tickets were sold out. Ah well. We may go see it later. Instead we went to go see (500) Days of Summer, which I think I liked. Possibly. Nonetheless, it was clever and creatively made. I do like though that the girl in the movie was an NT and the guy was NF. You really don't see that often in romance-type movies.

I've also been working on adding that gingham to my girly Six shirt- by hand since the machine is broken! It's sort of a relaxing thing to do, though. It's starting to look cool! I've painted some question marks on the collar and I think that I'll go over them with the thread later.

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Oh, I haven't made a post at my proper journal in a week. Well, here's a post to rectify that.

Also, a quick pimp for [ profile] brb_gallifrey since we're talking about Mark of the Rani this week!

Things that have happened in the past week:
- I've filed my FAFSA (free application for student aid), so I should know within the week what sort of aid I get, if any. I hope I get something in addition to the fee waiver, since I really don't have money to be buying books and things.
- I made my mom's boyfriend upset enough to leave the house after I yelled at him for suggesting that gay people are more likely to become homicidal lunatics than straight people. The whole situation was not good and I've reminded myself that I need to stay logical when people push my buttons instead of storming off in a huff.
- In related news, my mother said "You don't really want a rainbow umbrella, do you? People will think you're gay." GAH. Seriously, mom? Grow up.
- On a lighter note, I got some fabric:

That's some Hawaiian shirt fabric for my Six vest (still need to get a couple more in the right colors) and some gingham for adding to my shirt. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to do that part yet, but I'll figure it out.

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1.Take a picture of yourself right now.
2.Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture.
3.Post that picture with NO editing.
4.Post these instructions with your picture.


Also I got yellow pants! (and an awesome green pair too)

The pants are a part of my plan for a girly version of Six's outfit in The Two Doctors. Too bad they aren't pinstriped.

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I've decided I'm going to attempt to make Romana's pink!Doctor outfit. And today I found some fabric! It's pink and seems heavy enough for a jacket and light enough that the pants wont look funny. (And no, I'm not going to do the empire waist pants. That's just ridiculous.)

I got some yarn too, but I think I need something smaller. Chunky yarn might knit up quick, but it's just going to be way too heavy. But look! I made a...potholder or something. And I figured out how to purl, so I can do stockinette stitch now!
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Mom found a tan coat in the back of her closet that doesn't fit her anymore, so she's given it to me! It actually looks quite nice. I tried it over my cricket jumper and I looked very fifth Doctorish. As a part of my costume it's not quite right (and the arms are just a bit tight with the jumper on) but it might work until I get a more accurate coat put together. I wouldn't want to cut this one apart because it looks nice as it is, but I can see adding some trim to it. =)

I really don't know how the Doctor goes about saving the universe in so many damn layers.


Jan. 7th, 2009 09:54 pm
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Sweater Arrived! )
It's a bit big (and the sleeves could be tighter) but overall I'm pretty pleased with it!

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Just a quick post from the library in no-internet land. The trip has been fun so far, Dad and Nancy loved their presents, so indeed success there!

I was taking part in that group order of fifth Doctor sweaters they were doing over on dw_cosplay, and got the e-mail today saying they've shown up! But I'll have to wait til I get home to send the shipping and such. Ah, well. But, yay, sweater! 



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