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(I haven't forgotten to write more drabbles, I just haven't gotten around to them yet, I promise.)

Done for [ profile] brb_gallifrey's fanmix challenge thingie. I did another different one too, but I haven't done up any covers for it yet. So, without further ado, the fanmix only a very small amount of people will understand:


Cigarettes & Coffee, a Fitz/Ianto mix )

[Full ZIP with covers]

(Sorry I haven't put up individual tracks. If there's one in particular you want, I'll upload it for ya.)

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End of time Part One reaction post. (plus a bit on the clip from next week)

Here be spoilaars )

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So, I've been re-reading the Doctor Who novel Mad Dogs and Englishmen (by Paul Magrs). It's got Fitz, Aji, Eight, a bunch of talking poodles with hands, and is hilarious. I love it.

But I had forgotten about one part:
All three are on the dog space-station and made to strip down and wear collars by the dog princess while they watch a movie whose plot the Doctor suspects has been tampered with.

Two bits(from Anji's perspective):

She was still absolutely furious.
"I've never been so humiliated," she whispered, making the mistake of glancing sideways at Fitz.
He just laughed. "Oh, I have." Actually, he'd taken to the life of an ersatz dog quite happily. Neither he nor the Doctor seemed to have a scrap of bodily self-consciousness.
The Doctor. She was trying not to look at him naked.


"Fitz," Anji hissed. "Are you telling me you really don't mind trotting around starkers in a collar and lead?"
He grinned. "Are you kidding?"

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Awake, awake, awake.

WHO-ERS! You must watch The Mark of the Rani. Soooo much hilarious subtext to read into.

My favorite was from Six:
"The Rani is a genius. Shame I can't stand her.
...I wonder if I was particularly nice to her she might...

...nope, no, no, of course not."

There's no way the end of that sentence is "join with me to save the galaxy!"
In my head it is a far, far, dirtier sentence.
...Or maybe [ profile] time_and_crack is warping my brain.


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