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Today was alright. I got done most of what I wanted to do. I drew up a comic, I cleaned the house a bit, and I went to see a movie. I didn't finish up with my room, so that'll have to wait till tomorrow.

I woke up late and talked to my Dad and his wife Nancy on the phone for a while. He asked again me how long it'll be before I transfer over to a real university, which always bothers me. I've explained the plan to him and he still brings it up all the time. Which he then immediately follows with "oh, and let me know if there's any way I could help with that". What would be nice is help with the school I'm going to now. Eh, but besides that, talking with him went fine.

Cleaned up around the house a bit, did some sit ups and push ups (I did some the day before yesterday too. I thought I should introduce at least some sort of exercise into my routine), and got ready for the movie. The plan was to go see Scott Pilgrim, but when we got there the show was sold out. Which was disappointing. So we saw The Other Guys instead. It was alright, but definitely not a movie I would have normally chosen to see. The comedy was good in some parts, but in others I was bored or slightly offended while the rest of the theatre was laughing.

Hopefully I'll be able to go see Scott Pilgrim soon. Tomorrow we might go down to visit my grandma. I want to go to the school to pick up the books for my music theory class, write at least a couple hundred words, and run by Joann's Fabric for some more black dye. I dyed a couple of things the other day and the cycle ended before it could dye all the way through.

'What mom thinks of my new hair' comic ) was more or less an average day. I was a bit bummed out about missing the movie I wanted to see, but I can catch it another time.
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I haven't made a proper journal entry in quite a while, it seems, apart from showing off the bits and bobs of my costumes. (As it happens, the tights for my girl!five thing showed up and they're very cool - they've got a cool cable-knit pattern on them like the sweater. See?)

There's a couple things I've been wanting to mention on here but I haven't really sat down to do it, so:

There's been some business with my grandmother that came to a rather frightening moment this weekend. We learned several months ago that she has a growth on one of her ovaries. As far as they know it's not cancerous and it could have been there a very long time before they even found it. For a while they were talking about the possibility of going in and having it removed. Initially, she agreed, but then after talking with my Dad, she agreed to reschedule to this weekend. The night before last, grandma got a ride up to the hospital to go over everything and then came home. Once at home, she got a call from one of the nurses saying that she could come back to the emergency room immediately because a test had come back showing signs of renal failure. She refused because she felt fine, and called my mom and me to tell us what had happened. It's at that point that I freaked out a bit. It seemed like nobody was caring that something potentially fatal was happening to a member of our family.

However, it turns out that the readings were perfectly normal for her based on her history (she has one kidney, which skews the results) and furthermore, she's decided not to get the surgery at all. This is largely on my Dad's influence, who is extremely suspicious of hospitals. He thinks that once you walk through the doors, you lose all ability to make decisions for yourself. That part is unfounded, definitely. The other side, which I totally understand, is that my grandmother is an 89 year old woman. Surgery to deal with something that isn't causing her discomfort is definitely a risky proposition. Still, it irks me that nobody is weighing the options.

So, she'll be making an appointment to go see a geriatric doctor...who, I suppose will look over everything - and we'll see from there.

The second thing I wanted to talk about is an incident that happened at my mom's work several months ago. A man who had been fired during the holidays came in, shot one of the management, and then himself. My mother wasn't directly involved, though she was in the building when it happened. As far as these sorts of things go, I think it qualifies as "close to home". Though I have the same sort of detachment thinking about it that I get when I've heard of any other shooting. I don't know if that's good or bad, really. People do strange and terrible things that make little sense to me, and I'll never understand that sort of thing, no matter how close to home it is. But...I'm not horrified by it. Just sad for humanity.


Anyway. I think my dad's coming down today, which should be lovely given I as good as hung up on him the other night when he was rambling on about how surgery should have never been an option at all for my grandmother. ...and I haven't had any sleep.

Despite the tone of this entry so far, I'm alright. School is going nicely and I'm learning things I'm interested in. On Monday I'm going to go see about cashing in a bond I've got lying around - I have a list of things I'd like to do and most of them require a bit of dosh.

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It seems like I've not made a proper journal entry in forever.

Christmas went nicely and I managed not to make my mother angry about something or other, which is nice. It didn't seem to become the big deal that it could have...though at times it nearly got there. We did Christmas dinner at Grandmas and my Dad was there. Dad pushing himself last minute into holidays always pisses Mom off to no end, but things moved peaceably along.

I didn't really have much money at all this year, so she got a book and journal with the first page filled with nice things I think about her. ...I also wrapped up some tangerines and a banana, which made for fun unwrapping, and hopefully she thought it was as amusing as I thought it was.

For my dad the hit gift seems to be a book on beautiful experiments done in the history of science. He called me up and told me how much he likes it (no word of the other two books). When I was in the bookstore so much in the science section looked interesting, so maybe I'll head back later when I have more money and buy up a whole shelf's worth for myself.

I knitted my grandma a nice, warm scarf. I think that she liked it, and even if she doesn't she can still wear it while she's watching TV or something.

As for myself, I received some lovely things, including some awesome gloves from [ profile] mertondingle a couple Past Doctor Adventures from [ profile] shinnyjenni, as well as a bunch of wonderful cards.

Thanks, everyone!

On New Years I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with mom. She hadn't seen it before. I drank a rum and Coke because mom bought rum....but I don't really like rum. Or at least that rum. Ah well. I'd like to figure out more what sort of drinks I like. How's that for a New Year's resolution? Drink more.

Maybe I'm missing the self-improvement angle.


Oh, and now I'm sick.

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1) After watching The Five Doctors:

Dad: I like that each Doctor gets his own girl.
Me: Well, Susan's his granddaughter, or at least that's what she calls him...
Dad: Is that some sort of kinky thing? *girly voice* Ooo Grandfather!
Me: Aagh, Dad, no.

2) Figuring out which Doctor mom is talking about:

Mom: The handsome one.
Me: Um...Peter Davison? In the cricket whites?
Mom: No, he's girly. The other one you like.
Me: Colin Baker? ...Multicolored coat?
Mom:  Yeah, him.

For all their flaws, I love my parents.
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Happy New Year, guys! This is my last day up in the San Louis Obispo area, then I'm back down on the train tomorrow! Hopefully I won't have to wait too long to find out about the BIG DOCTOR WHO NEWS tomorrow! I'm so excited!

Dad was sick earlier and now I've got it. Woo. But I'm hoping being sick on the train will mean that nobody will try to have long boring conversations with me. Here's hoping!

And because it made me giggle:
In 2009, cosmic_celery resolves to...
Put fifty good omens a month into my savings account.
Spend less time on hamlet.
Give some plays to charity.
Get back in contact with some old black books.
Backup my guildenstern regularly.
Connect with my inner converse.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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Just a quick post from the library in no-internet land. The trip has been fun so far, Dad and Nancy loved their presents, so indeed success there!

I was taking part in that group order of fifth Doctor sweaters they were doing over on dw_cosplay, and got the e-mail today saying they've shown up! But I'll have to wait til I get home to send the shipping and such. Ah, well. But, yay, sweater! 


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My Dad's come down to visit with Grandma this weekend and I'm hitching a ride back up the coast with him tomorrow. I'll stay there a week at his place then come back down on the train. During the week, I won't be able to get any internet at all, since my Dad lives in the land that internet connections forgot. So, if you need to contact me, I'll be back in about a week!

In other news: I started a season 18 Doctor Who scarf! And I found a yarn that I like too...just need to find the other two colors--going to another yarn place tomorrow in hopes that I'll have something to do on the train ride back. 

Happy early Birthday to [ profile] hms_surrender !
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I'm back! I'm glad to be back!

The famed Gilroy Garlic Festival was HUGE. I have no idea why so many people were there. It wasn't that great (I think it would have been a lot better if I was drinking mass quantities of alcohol like most of the crowd), but I had garlic fries and I tried some garlic ice cream. The fries were good. The ice cream was absolutely terrible.

While there I met the mother of my brother's girlfriend (Janice)...who seemed normal until she started talking about how the next day they were going to go scatter the ashes of Janice's dog on some hiking trail up where they used to live. And she was carrying the ashes around IN HER PURSE...and apparently she'd been carrying them around for months. Someone agree with me that that's not normal. My brother just looked totally pooped out. I can't imagine he had fun scattering those ashes the next day.

I got to show my Dad and Stepmom more Doctor Who while I was there, and they love it. Which is awesome. We watched some First Doctor bits and Timelash! Hehe, yes, I know...Timelash...but I love Timelash. And by the way! if you were thinking of getting Timelash on DVD, Paul Darrow is on the commentary with Colin and Nicola and it is absolutely hilarious.

Hmm...that's all for now, I think.

ETA: Oh, and I also wore my Lost Boys t-shirt to the Garlic Festival! Few people got the irony, but it made me giggle.

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I live in San Diego County. As you all probably know, we have the big Comic-Con every year. I haven't been the last few years, and I wasn't really planning on going, but it just makes it worse that while Whovians amass in droves all over San Diego county, I will be on a nine hour train ride up to see my Dad, for THIS:


Thanks, Dad. You really know how to show a girl a good time. I'm thinking of getting a vampire-themed shirt just for the occasion.

I'm back

Jan. 22nd, 2008 06:47 pm
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So, I'm Back. I had a bunch of fun with my dad. We pretty much just hung out, visited book stores and such. I got him to watch a Doctor Who episode (The Visitation) and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. He liked both of them, but each needed a bit of explanation. 

Through that we kind of got to talking about common themes in our favorite movies, and it seems that mine are: a small focus (a small cast, or a large cast with only a few important characters), and man vs. himself, or man vs. fate dilemmas. In Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, the focus is on the two main characters grappling with their fate as characters within a larger play, in The Legend of 1900, there are two main characters, and the main character struggles with the purpose of his life and his position in the world, and in Bartelby, another of my favorite movies, Bartelby struggles against a society that he not longer feels he fits into. These three movies all also feature outsiders from society, and two of them have boats as a metaphor for the world. Though not a movie, Doctor Who fits in well with that too: a small group of main characters, all outsiders, often dealing with interior and exterior struggles. You could probably learn a lot about me from just that information.

My train ride down and up was pretty long and boring but it was fun to go up and I'm glad to be back where I have internet.
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This weekend I'm taking a trip up to see my Dad. For you internet peoples, that means that I won't be around from Friday until Tuesday evening. For me, this means a few things:

1) A nine hour train ride up the California coast...which is really nice...for about three hours. In preparation for this I plan on bringing several of my new school books (mostly writing books and poetry), my entire iTunes library shoved onto my iPod, a German/English dictionary (to translate some of the German songs I just downloaded), and a blank notebook (and my laptop...but it'll be impossible to see the screen with the light from the window...I learned that last time when I tried to watch a movie.)  Hopefully I'll be able to get some writing done.

2) I get to hang out with my Dad and his lovely wife Nancy. Despite latent issues I probably have with my Dad, I really do enjoy hanging out with him. He is much closer to my personality than my mother is, and it's a bit easier to be my regular snarky self around him. (By the way: how great is the word snark? I love it.) His wife Nancy has a job that fascinates me (nurse at a high security mental hospital) and I look forward to a story or two about that as well as being generally artsy with her.

3) I will have no access to internet or cable television. Every time I visit this is a bit like coming off of an addiction. Sometimes I think I should just cut myself off completely...then I realize that that's completely insane.

4) Nancy says she knows somebody that she wants me to meet. Like, a guy. A guy that reminds her of me. While this may or may not happen, I can't help but wonder at the oddness of it. Though from what she says, I may enjoy his company. Or it could be a horrible disaster that we will all laugh at years down the the line. Either way, sounds kinda awesome.


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