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Spoilers cut )

Oh, and somebody better do an Amy vid to this:

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I would like to share my feelings on the matter:


Tennant has had some amazing episodes and some really awful episodes, and through it all has been an amazingly endearing Who fanboy. So, cheers to him and the future of his undoubtedly hugely successful career. I'm looking forward to the new regime and hope that the show is taken in a direction I can be proud of.

The Doctor is dead. Long live the Doctor.
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End of time Part One reaction post. (plus a bit on the clip from next week)

Here be spoilaars )

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I'm sick! Just in time for spring break! How awful. Also, it is past 3 and I am awake. Why? No one knows! And by no one I mean me. Me knows. My nose. My nose is not cooperating as it should. Also, my head feels oddly pressurized.

It's best not to think of the Red Dwarf episode Backwards too hard. Why were they called the Sensational Reverse Brothers, yet they claimed to be able to do things forwards? Shouldn't he have said reverse, since to them reverse is forwards? And why could Kryten eat that egg, but everybody else on the crew had to eat things backwards? Some sort of robot exemption? Then why weren't they completely backwards? And...and...and....*sings the MST3K theme and lets it go*


ALSO. According to the NA's, Ace lost her virginity to Sabalom Glitz. Wut?

oh oh oh and I had tacos today. they were good.

...going to bed now.
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So, I'm riding in on the tail-end of this five things meme. [ profile] pimpmytardis gave me these things to elaborate on:

1) Six/Rani

Cut because I rambled... )
2) Knitting and the Season 18 scarf in general

I've been working on my Season 18 scarf since around January, and so far I've gotten this much done:

This is my second project, and my last project was a scarf as well, so I still have a lot to learn about knitting. I'm thinking about knitting Romana's long, white scarf. That might be a fun project to practice stockinette with. Hopefully I can work my way up to sweaters and hats and things. Maybe I'll try socks soon! Goodness, isn't knitting exciting?

3) the Super Writing Challenge

Last year I forget National Poetry Month, which is April. A lot of people take the opportunity to write one poem a day for a month, which is a great writing challenge. But, since I forgot about it, during May I issued my own challenge. The challenge was to do one creative thing each day...a poem, a short story, or a comic.

Of course, in the end, I did a few things and then ended up making up the rest with haiku, but I still think it was a great idea. Maybe again this May?

5) [ profile] socal_who

I created this with [ profile] urchinmoppet on a whim, to see what chance there is of getting Whovians in Southern California together. I hope something comes of it, or at least it will be a convenient place to talk about the next Gallifrey One. I'm not sure how much use it will be to me personally since I'm a bit of a hermit, but maybe I can get over that if it means being able to ramble on about Doctor Who in public sometime. =) Flisters, if you're in Southern California, join up!

If you're observant, you'll notice that there's no number four. Number four was "Owen love" which I'll have to talk about later because I want to do him good, analytical justice.
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So, you probably heard about the Dalek in the Pond.

Now, somebody on LJ has created a whole community for fic based on how it ended up there. How awesome is that?

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1) After watching The Five Doctors:

Dad: I like that each Doctor gets his own girl.
Me: Well, Susan's his granddaughter, or at least that's what she calls him...
Dad: Is that some sort of kinky thing? *girly voice* Ooo Grandfather!
Me: Aagh, Dad, no.

2) Figuring out which Doctor mom is talking about:

Mom: The handsome one.
Me: Um...Peter Davison? In the cricket whites?
Mom: No, he's girly. The other one you like.
Me: Colin Baker? ...Multicolored coat?
Mom:  Yeah, him.

For all their flaws, I love my parents.
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Got home not to long ago from my Dad's and have just been reading through the reactions about the young Matt Smith becoming the next Doctor to travel in the TARDIS. I know everyone's already had a word about this or that. I opened up the OG news page hoping in my heart of hearts for Bill Nighy, but this could be...okay...too. Yes, he's young. Yes, he's pretty and will attract fangirls like moths to an incredibly chiseled flame. I'm not familiar with him (it seems nobody is) , but  I'm going to avoid judging until I see his performance and what he does with the role.

I know some people are really disappointed by this, but for me, Doctor Who is still the only show on TV that has ever sent me into such ranges of emotional hyperbole. All the way home I was excited about the casting announcement. And you know what? Even if it's not exactly what I was expecting, I still am.
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So, I've been re-reading the Doctor Who novel Mad Dogs and Englishmen (by Paul Magrs). It's got Fitz, Aji, Eight, a bunch of talking poodles with hands, and is hilarious. I love it.

But I had forgotten about one part:
All three are on the dog space-station and made to strip down and wear collars by the dog princess while they watch a movie whose plot the Doctor suspects has been tampered with.

Two bits(from Anji's perspective):

She was still absolutely furious.
"I've never been so humiliated," she whispered, making the mistake of glancing sideways at Fitz.
He just laughed. "Oh, I have." Actually, he'd taken to the life of an ersatz dog quite happily. Neither he nor the Doctor seemed to have a scrap of bodily self-consciousness.
The Doctor. She was trying not to look at him naked.


"Fitz," Anji hissed. "Are you telling me you really don't mind trotting around starkers in a collar and lead?"
He grinned. "Are you kidding?"

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Per request, my Six/Rani fanmix:

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I finally got the rest of the yarn to finish my super Five-scarf, and it's almost done. Really, this thing looks like what might happen if Four's scarf and Five's jacket had crazy fashion accessory lovin'. I'll probably finish it this week. Now the only thing to wonder is: To fringe, or not to fringe?

Eep, and classes all day tomorrow! Or rather, today, since it's past midnight...
Not all of my books have arrived yet, but hopefully I wont need anything the first day of class. Still, I may bring along what I do have. Whee. And I should be getting some sleep!
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I'm back! I'm glad to be back!

The famed Gilroy Garlic Festival was HUGE. I have no idea why so many people were there. It wasn't that great (I think it would have been a lot better if I was drinking mass quantities of alcohol like most of the crowd), but I had garlic fries and I tried some garlic ice cream. The fries were good. The ice cream was absolutely terrible.

While there I met the mother of my brother's girlfriend (Janice)...who seemed normal until she started talking about how the next day they were going to go scatter the ashes of Janice's dog on some hiking trail up where they used to live. And she was carrying the ashes around IN HER PURSE...and apparently she'd been carrying them around for months. Someone agree with me that that's not normal. My brother just looked totally pooped out. I can't imagine he had fun scattering those ashes the next day.

I got to show my Dad and Stepmom more Doctor Who while I was there, and they love it. Which is awesome. We watched some First Doctor bits and Timelash! Hehe, yes, I know...Timelash...but I love Timelash. And by the way! if you were thinking of getting Timelash on DVD, Paul Darrow is on the commentary with Colin and Nicola and it is absolutely hilarious.

Hmm...that's all for now, I think.

ETA: Oh, and I also wore my Lost Boys t-shirt to the Garlic Festival! Few people got the irony, but it made me giggle.

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Was rummaging around on [ profile] dwcanon_fodder and found this. Besides being an awesome description of the Doctor's bedroom, it totally confirms my belief that Six likes toy trains. I feel totally vindicated that my RP Six is more in character than I thought he was.

[ profile] andrastewhite wrote:
"The scene was unfilmed so this is in no way canon, but Robert Holmes did write a description of the Sixth Doctor's bedroom for the script of Trial of a Time Lord:

Like the rest of the TARDIS it has the usual roundels covering the walls. Unlike the rest of the time machine it is in total chaos. In one corner there is an unmade bed. On a massive bookcase there is a selection of books: wax tablets, greek scrolls, ancient, fine leather bound volumes, Modern hard and paperbacks, etc. Like the rest of the room there is no order to their arrangement. In one corner there is a workbench covered in tools and furturistic engineering "work in progress". In another there is a flashing belecher beacon; a set of british traffic lights (circa 1935); a collection of lamps used to indicate "roadworks in progress" and a London Transport bus stop.

Also spread around the room is a collection of "antique objects gathered from different periods of Earth's history, which reflects the Doctor's interest and number of visits to that particular planet.

This is mixed in with a mass of objects gathered from his other various alien adventures.

Resplendent against one wall is a huge, beautiful roll-top desk. Somewhere else is a selection of weights and other bodybuilding equipment covered in dust and (for the fun of it) cobwebs. Against another wall is a massive american refrigerator, the sort you can store several oxen in. Round the floor is an elaborate train set in perfect working order.

The camera comes to rest of the Doctor, who is lying on the floor holding a feather duster. He is having great fun with the train, but as far as we can see the feater duster has seen very little service.


Jul. 9th, 2008 10:35 am
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SPOILERS for Sarah Jane Adventures, Season Two:


Jul. 5th, 2008 07:22 pm
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Hmm, Lets see...

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Holy shit weird dream.

I cut off my head along with a bunch of other peoples in this theatre-thing...and then put them back on with duct tape. It was very odd. i remember it being hard to breath. And then I went around and solved some sort of mystery surrounding models...I was carrying around a desk phone. And I went into a boutique store and the mean lady pulled all the puff out of a dress so I could afford it, but I didn't want it anyway. It's a very weird sensation having your head duct taped on.


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