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Apr. 3rd, 2010 09:37 pm
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Doctor Who! I loved it, and I'm especially loving Amy. The titles/new theme weren't great, but that's such a small thing compared to the rest of the episode. The one thing that worries me is how Moff is taking the "dark fairytale" route. I like the look of the show, but I'm wary of the attitude towards denying the science-fiction element of Doctor Who.

Went out to read by the pool today...and now the whole back of me is bright red. Ow. Ow. Ow. But the two main protagonists in the book finally met!


I was tired from the sunburn (really, nothing except a sleeping pill seems to tire me out more than a sunburn) so I fell asleep on the couch for a while. I dreamt that I was at some version of the college, but it looked different. Everything was paved in marble. I kept losing track of the fact that I actually needed to attend class at some point, and I kept leaving my backpack around and having to go back to get it. My body kept feeling less and less responsive - too sore to move a muscle. I stopped by some middle aged guy that I asked to tell me something because "I could use a bit of mysticism about now". He said some sort of platitude that I don't remember, and then I left.

So, I dragged myself across the campus to find my backpack again and instead pressed through a crowd of people that were about ready to fight. As the fight broke out I reached the edge of the crowd and, after punching some guy in the face, got out. I found myself along the edge of a fast moving river and walked along still looking for my bag. I slipped into the river, but my body was too weak to swim. I strained to say anything and finally was able to call for help...but none of the girls by the river would help me.

And I woke up yelling for help, which is something I've never done before. All in all, more a nightmare than I've had in a long time.


...and then I had some ice cream. It was yummy.

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This is what happened in my brain for the hour and a half I was asleep last night. I blame [ profile] mertondingle for every word of it. Regrettably, there is no hot sex or mustaches.


The day began like it usually does. I got up and went to school. I had to go to the library, and I headed there, but I felt preoccupied. my head was slightly dizzy and I felt strange, not good or bad, but a curious middle ground where I couldn't identify the emotion present. I did a few things at the library. I must have, though I don't remember the specifics of what they were. I probably checked something on the computer or flipped through a book in the mythology section. After all, I had class later.

As I left the library I carried a white blanket around my shoulders and it hung behind me like an odd cape. I found that if I pressed up from the ground i took to the air a little longer than gravity would normally strictly allow. A young woman in a group called for my attention and dazedly, I gave it. She told me, with a hint of awed reverence, that I looked like an angel. My white blanket billowed. I took another leap.

I was losing all sense of time and losing all form of concentration. Suddenly, it was dark out, and I knew I had to get to class. I was clearly late, and the space where I normally sit was blocked. The four seat table had been pushed up against the one behind it in my particular corner, and the chair removed. This puzzled me, and I asked the guy sitting across from the seat to pull the table back. He frowned at me and refused. Then, I asked the girl sitting next to him. She acquiesced and nudged him into pulling the table back so I could sit down in my regular spot.

I reached down into my bag and retrieved the paper I'd written for that day. My head was spinning. I straightened out the edges of the paper and realized that I'd never typed it. Wasn't that the reason I'd gone to the library? Obviously I'd forgotten. The world around me took on a fuzzy sort of glow, but not like in the movies when they've got a nylon over the camera to make things seem romantic.

The teacher said something about the report needing to be typed. I infer this, because I heard the word "type" and she had nodded at my paper apologetically. I offered in stumbled words that I could go type in now and turn it into her later that day. She seemed to agree.

I believe that I left the classroom then. As this point, things get much hazier. I think that I was much too overwhelmed with the virus to deal much with cataloging my experiences in my own mind. I began to speak in an English accent, and I'd found a black robe somewhere.

What I do remember of the rest is this:

A video store. I think I was desperate to get rid of whatever was afflicting me and stretching my mind beyond its normal parameters. I asked the corn-rowed young woman at the counter if they had any Chuck Norris movies. She seemed to be disturbed by me. Maybe I had started to seem godly by then, not merely angelic. I left without any movies (I assume so, since I don't have any now, nor remember watching any) and shook her hand with a tentacle. I'm not sure when my hand became a tentacle, but it was only temporary. I considered that that may be how the virus was spread. I remembered shaking hands with a young English fellow only that morning. I shuddered to think of her future, but the world of my experience was too hazy to do anything for her.

I found myself...somewhere. I do not know where the somewhere is, but it was dark out. I don't know how many days had passed since my journey to the movie store, but I still had on the black robe. Now, I was joined by another figure in similar apparel. I never saw his face, but he became somewhat of an adversary to me. We stood atop a building striking dramatic poses. I had an urge to go higher...and I could. There was a hill ahead of us, and a line of dumpsters along its side. After each of my gravity defying jumps, he followed, determined to best me.

When we reached the top of the hill, a black cloud made up of bodies descended on us like a mass of ninjas filmed in slow motion. Every one of them landed, soft footed on the sparse hilltop. I realized that this was only the beginning of my journey.

I don't remember anymore, if there was any. Maybe by then my mind was too expansive to remember anything at all.

All I know was that I found myself back in my bed this morning. I assume the virus has run its course.

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Most disturbing dream that I've had in a while last night.

In it, some guy got killed and we (or two guys, not sure if I was one of them) put him in a container and dragged him down to this place called Euthanasia Park, which was just like a regular park except that it was strewn with bits of animal and some human body parts. Just the trees, or left on the lawn, or floating in the lake... And then the two guys stood knee-deep in the lake and played Frisbee.

Not at the park, but I also had to learn a Shakespeare play that I didn't know, and the guy acting opposite me was walking with a big flatscreen TV strapped to his chest that had all the words on it.

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Scarf Progress:

Also, something happened to my laptop, and one of the hinges has either broken or popped out of the frame. I'm not sure which it is, and trying to press it back down doesn't do much. I'm afraid that if I use too much force I will break it if it isn't already, and as it still seems to work, I think I'll leave it as-is.

I had a strange dream that started with skinny dipping with Peter Davison and Colin Baker (as they are now, not their Doctor-selves) at night in this horrible lake filled with soggy leaves. I raced out with Peter and when we turned around Colin was gone and there was a young girl standing in the lake. It didn't seem odd that I was still floating and she was standing. I rationalized that there must be some sort of sandbank. She spoke to point out the bruises on her someone had grabbed her. I figured she must be a ghost.

It was really creepy. Except for the naked dudes part.

...Then there was that dream the other night where I was helping deliver milk from a truck, and it came in big metal tubes...and Tank girl was delivering Pepsi, and I thought I recognized her from ten years earlier. Also, I listened to a radio program narrated by Stephen Fry about how to spot genius in your child. I was staying with a family and they were worried about how their son was always polishing the stair banister, and I pointed out that it was a sign of brilliance. I knew this because Stephen had mentioned it on his radio program.

*snerk* Milk in tubes? Polishing banisters? I wish I could have some sexual imagery that's actually sexy. My subconscious obviously loves masturbation puns.
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It started with her on top of me doing lovely things to my body. But after a few moments, I realized that I could still feel the warmth at my hip where the cat was sleeping in reality and that this person couldn't possibly be real. She continued while I mused that this would be a very strange time in my life to have an imaginary friend.

It was at that point that I found myself downstairs looking out to the neighbors, who seemed to be dragging in and installing all sorts of things...a baseball diamond, a pool (Olympic and below ground), and the fence surrounding the house (some meld between now and the backyard of my childhood home) was tall and razorwired, with some sort of mesh hanging off.

I talked to my mother about the neighbors and she thought it was outrageous that they could have a pool installed so quickly.

At some point, my mother, me, and the girl from earlier were in the car driving down the road. I had a conversation with the girl about how none off this could be real and she was imaginary. I got the idea that if I could just get back to the house, I could wake up. I tried opening my side door and then hers, hoping that it would open some sort of portal, but they both just opened to the street whizzing past. It was at this point that I looked to the front of the car and realized my mother was in the passenger seat and nobody was driving. I got the sense that it would be difficult to escape the dream. The car sped along the freeway and deposited me back at the house, at which point I woke up.

Then a bit later I fell back asleep and dreamt I was in a laundromat and the girl and guy there were trying to convince me that the "imaginary friend" girl from earlier was in fact, real.
(also, there were three pictures of girls with yarn for hair on the washing machines, and I thought I recognized one...and the guy and the girl were confused and filling up an entire washing machine with detergent, but I think that's beside the point.)

The point is: Why the hell are my dreams trying to convince me that they're not dreams? Dream people tried to convince me of this before, and it's always weird and slightly disturbing.
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Okay, so I woke up a bit ago (ugh, it's nearly four in the morning).


How it started out was that a teacher (not any teacher in particular...though he did remind me of my Logic professor a bit) was over at the house, and was talking to me about something while I was getting ready. But went I went into the bathroom he kept opening the adjoining door...and when I went to take a shower, he had open the door all the way and was completely naked. From there I ran down the stairs he tried to rape me twice. The first time I got away by kicking him and the second my mother intervened.

After that, me and her went to some other house where the characters from Pushing Daisies (Ned, Chuck, and Olive) were, along with some other guys who were driving race cars around the gigantic kitchen. One of the guys seemed to be friends with Ned, and Ned teased him about not fitting in such a tin car. It was red. Mine was white, and as I raced it around, other cars around me exploded and mine bumped off the ground because I hardly knew how to drive it.

There was also something about me kissing Ned, and we made out on the couch, but it was awkward. He seemed interested and disinterested at the same time. At one point I bit too hard and he winced. 

At some time the teacher came back around, but was driven away, and I went with the guy that Ned teased earlier to fill the school up with some sort of foam that I had to swim out of to survive.

In the end, I pretty much got rejected by Ned in favor of Chuck, but then all of us were at someplace in Disneyland (I could see the castle in the background) and I got gifted with the car I had driven earlier. Ned made another comment to the other guy about not fitting in the racecar, and me and the other guy raced around for a bit.


It seems the whole thing's about sex...the rape part worries me. I hope it doesn't play out any further in the future. The rest was alright.

...But really, how pathetic is it that I don't get the guy even in my own head?
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I changed my journal around a bit because I was tired of the green. So now it's bluuue.

So, in my last post I said I'd talk about my dreams, so here's one of them:

I am apparently part of a time travel team (hooray alliteration!) that consists of Monk (from the detective show), a jock, Joan (from the Human Nature Doctor Who episodes) and Kali (a girl I used to know, not the Hindu goddess of death...although they have some similarities.) The dream starts out at what I suppose was supposed to be some sort of English grammar school, but my mind distorted a bit, so lessons took place in a theatre and after a short while I got tired of the asshole teacher and left to go out to the football field.

Suddenly, I felt the need to run. So I did. As I started picking up speed the rest of the team piled out of the school doors and started running after me. It was then that we made a leap in time.

We arrived on a dark cobblestone street. The atmosphere was wary and we discovered that Joan grew little pointed horns that stuck up out of her hair (more little goat horns than devil horns). Off of the street I saw a shop sign and I walked in. Immediately, I was caught up in a tangle of some sort and didn't know what i had got my foot stuck in until the shop owner came over and tugged the cord I was caught on, turning on the lights in the shop and allowing me to untangle my foot in the process. Turned out it's a kite shop. A tiny kite shop that was absolutely FILLED with color and had kite tails dangling all over (that's what my foot was stuck in and what she turned the light on with). The proprietor herself was this big black woman that's slightly frightening, but spoke calming things with an almost Jamaican lilt. There was definitely something of the voodoo priestess about her.

In the manner of dreams, we were no longer there and suddenly elsewhere. Me and the jock sat on a bench the top of a hill next to a small cottage. Kali went inside to talk to the person who owned it (to get secret information) while Jock guy flirted with me. Not sure where Monk and Joan were at that point. Jock guy was trying to convince me to do something (to do with the time team) that the others didn't think was a good idea. I thought he was kind of an idiot. There was some sort of conspiracy going on, and Kali said we were supposed to go to "the field".

So, we all start running again, and we make another time jump. This time as we arrived we're still running but we're also kind of floating over this old city...all we could see are trees and these huge stone aqueducts. Occasionally a unicorn flew up through the trees and then back down beneath the canopy.

Then, up through the canopy came this big chariot pulled by four (maybe six) unicorns and a traditional Grey alien was driving. As we floated past the city, I saw more of those chariots, driven by aliens. They had taken over the city and were ruling it, and when we got to the edge of the city, I saw why.

At "the field" there was a massive war going on between the humans, so much so that they hadn't cared when the aliens took over the city center.

We touched down on the field and were immediately rushed by soldiers. Luckily, we had steel swords and shields. They broke our swords, but our shields were significantly more bad-ass than theirs so they were cool with us from then on, and they lead us to an impromptu market center.

The jock gave me money, some small round, brown coins. One said 600, another 900. I picked up a puzzle at one of the stalls and solved it, finding a clue to somewhere we needed to go. I bought it from the woman running the stall, but when I tried to leave she said I hadn't paid and we had a short argument before I ran off with the puzzle and the clue.

The clue lead me to a cement barracks where I met up with Monk in his office. He had a naked woman tied up on one of the tables. I asked: "Found another one?" And he talked about how he once had a crush on a girl named Alexi.

Hell if I know. I doubt the dream dictionary has an "Aliens-driving-flying-unicorn-chariots" entry.

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Holy shit weird dream.

I cut off my head along with a bunch of other peoples in this theatre-thing...and then put them back on with duct tape. It was very odd. i remember it being hard to breath. And then I went around and solved some sort of mystery surrounding models...I was carrying around a desk phone. And I went into a boutique store and the mean lady pulled all the puff out of a dress so I could afford it, but I didn't want it anyway. It's a very weird sensation having your head duct taped on.

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Aaarg. I'm behind on my Super writing Challenge...challenges. I promise I'll get more done this weekend! (Even though both my Dad and brother are coming into town for mothers day...which is not going to be fun at all...and I need to do something for my mom...I know she'd like me to write her a poem, but I'm not sure if I can write anything as fluffy as she'd want it to be...and I kinda feel like shit....ellipsis...ellipsis...ellipsis....)  

Also: Sometimes I have dreams that seem waaay too complicated and involved to be thought up in one night. Seriously, this one last night had plot progression and in depth characters. Is my subconscious putting this shit together while I'm awake? Damn you, subconscious! Pay attention! You could be helping me with other things!
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I guess I've finally messed around with my sleep schedual enough that I woke up at 6:45 this morning, instead of...going to sleep at 6:45 this morning.

Here's my dream notes from last night (rather raw):

Tennant? Rushing me somewhere?

Tigers? Lions? Big cats. Most likely mountain lions. mom, Spencer, i went to see them, one jumped on me...playfully? it didn't seem painful, but was a bit scary. Then, they penned that one and another. I realized we were buying their meat. I leaned down, cuddled at both of their heads and said "I'm sorry" too them. Three men took them to be slaughtered and I had a sad feeling. I was the only one that seemed to mind. We received meat and went home? I think? in the car...I said I didn't really want a tiger? big cat? tattoo, or a tattoo at all, Spencer asked "Well, wasn't that what we were there for? " I thought that I'd much rather have a seal of rassilon.

colin baker, nicola...advertising for something, or filming to advertise. they do the classic "fell on top of you sexual tension" thing and both laugh.

He gets into a line for something that starts super-way back next to a guy in a boat. he's also in a boat.

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One of my projects for my new Abnormal Psychology class is to pick a character from Movie/TV/book, analyze what mental illnesses they could possibly have, then figure out whether that illness was presented factually. I had a few thoughts, then...TURLOUGH. Who could be a better case of mental instability? Homicidal, suicidal, repressed trauma involving giant prawn aliens...he's got it all.

Side note: I had a dream a few nights ago in which I was exploring some old city with Five.  We ran into some girl that was very hyper. I implied (with a somewhat rude gesture) that I was sleeping with him. She squeed and ran over to him to confirm, but he blushed and denied it. Apparently, I have a very odd subconscious.
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I managed to get to school today (early even!) When mom left in the morning I got up, then fell back asleep and had an odd dream (wherein I was walking around the college trying to find my classes...then something about hurriedly printing out a paper. Then in the class the teacher (who may or may not have been Peter Davison) quickly asked me to convert something..."how many meters in a liter!" or something like that...then he showed slides of different breads and told us we'd need to memorize them.)  I suddenly realized I had been sleeping at about 9:15, and made a leisurely pace about getting ready. It was nice to have lots of time to get everything together. Took the bus to school way earlier that I needed to, but it was nice to have time to figure out where all my classes are.

So, this math class I'm taking is easy. I'm talking EASY. My homework for this week involves adding and subtracting, multiplication and division...and some exponents.

When I first came to the school I tested into "Intermediate Algebra" which I enrolled in, and dropped late because I was getting lost in the material and the instructor's accent. So, now, I'm hoping that going back to basics with help me build some sort of understanding that I've missed so far. We have a deaf person in the class, so there's a signer up front translating everything... which is pretty neat and fun to watch if i ever get bored. In this class I feel smarter than a lot of the people, but I know there's still stuff I need to learn and pay attention to.

I know that my favorite class of the semester is going to be my drama writing class (which I've taken once before.) The teacher has a personality that I can readily relate to, and he is a very smart guy. Of all my creative writing teachers, he's the one I'm least likely to correct, simply because there probably won't be anything I need to correct. The class is a small group, most of whom I'm already familiar with, and this is probably the class that I will learn from the most. I feel very humbled in his class, but I know I'm among people that I respect and are on my level. Bonus: I mentioned Doctor Who in class and Professor Sherlock (Karl) gave me a big thumbs up and asked me if I was watching Torchwood. XD Awesome.

My last class on Tuesday will be Poetry writing. It's chock full of people, a lot of whom are inexperienced, a lot who seem to know what they're doing. It's definitely going to be a mixed bag when it comes to comments on my poetry. I'm not sure if I like the teacher yet. While in a conversation with some other students, I felt like I was an authority in the way of poetry, as I found myself offering much more to the conversation that the other members of my group. Maybe I'll be more impressed by other people in the class.

Well, damn, I better get writing. I have to write an entire play this time around.
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So, I had a dream where I got a job in which I was required to color in other people's artwork. For some reason my mind called this job "copy editor". The first thing I started on was a pen that was brown on the bottom, purple on the top, and had flowers all over it. It was pretty. Then an old man (the boss) showed me how to copy exactly the lines on a piece of artwork without tracing. It was a cartooney lion. It was all very odd.

There was a lot more to the dream (or I had a few) but I can't remember anymore. The day before yesterday I didn't sleep at all so yesterday I ended up crashing at around 8:30...and woke up today at 12. Man was I tired. I really need to learn how to have a normal sleep schedual. I am glad, though, that I got my old Wacom tablet set up on the laptop. Now I'll be able to play around with that. Whee.

Oh, and I've totally fallen for the YouTube videos done by This person:

And, surprisingly, I understand a lot of it. I've taken two years of German in college and one in High school. Who knew I actually learned anything? Ha.

Dream Log

Jan. 6th, 2008 05:55 am
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I was getting along quite well and flirting with this guy that occasionally did not have a face, just see-through tendons and bones. We went swimming and he seemed  to really like me. I liked him too.

Something involving  taking plates of food up or down a hill...don't quite remember that part.

At a school, I participated is a singing class, and the whole class harmonized, but I couldn't take the class because it conflicted with my schedual.

Then I walked into a kind of Barbie convention being held at the school, past young girls dressed as Cinderella, and way too much pink for any sane person to handle. My eye was caught by a Barbie miniature pool game, which worked a bit like the online game. A girl my age came up and played with me. Soon after that, the sometimes see-through guy from the beginning of the dream came up. I somehow knew that these two people were meant for each other so I pushed them together and left. Walking out  of the building, a saleswoman tried to sell me a life size doll, or a Barbie-brand leather covered fist. I said no.

On my way toward the buses, I was accosted by a bald man who wanted me to give him  money. I refused and when he tried to put a dollar-amount tag into my bag, I slapped his hand away. When he took a larger dollar amount tag and tried to put it in m bag, I bit his head. He seemed a bit affronted and left me alone after that


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