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I'm on Spring break now for a week. However, I still have a paper to write and a few things to do for class it's not like I've got nothing to do. I got my Mythology story back, a B (because I didn't do an outline) with 'well written' marked on it and nothing else. And My English teacher lost my in class essay, but later e-mailed me to me that I got an A. I suppose both of these are good, and I will try my best not to read too much into him losing my paper.

I was invited to some birthday party/Easter egg hunt next Saturday and I have no idea if I want to go. (I don't know if I could even get there...odd bus schedules and such.) There's...I suppose that I should go since it's the only social event I've been invited to in over a year, but on the other hand that seems like a really crappy reason to go. I am a bit of a social phobic about this sort of thing - and hanging around a group of people I don't know for a few hours doesn't sound like my idea of a good time. My problem is, I'm not sure if I don't want to go because I'm scared or if I really just don't want to go.

I do know that I want to put on a swimsuit and sit around the pool reading a book. It's been really nice out lately. Getting a bit of sun sounds like a wonderful idea.

We've been reading Victorians in British Lit, and I've taken the opportunity to start reading Arthur & George by Julian Barnes. It's an alternate history set around Arthur Conan Doyle and a fictional character named George Edalji. I'm nearly two hundred pages in and the two of them still haven't met, so I'm expecting that will happen at the climax of the story. I haven't decided if I like it yet, but the story has been engaging so far. It is interesting, though, to be reading a book set in the same period I'm currently studying. Knowing a bit of background definitely helps.

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Sometimes I focus so hard on the fact that I have no idea when people are flirting with me, that I forget to take into account the fact that I also have no idea when I'm flirting with other people. Last English class we were put into groups to talk over some specific questions. I got talking with a guy about the subject, and we were both interested in it. Really, nothing pleases me more than being able to have an intelligent conversation with somebody on my own level without having to go in and explain things. Then, he suddenly dropped mention of his wife into the conversation, and I noticed that I was leaning and speaking towards him rather than the the whole group (which was four people, one who left partway through). So...I toned down my enthusiasm a notch and leaned back. He didn't seem offended or standoffish or anything, so maybe I'm reading too much into it.

...also there was a sort of cute guy on my bus that seemed interesting (past tense because he was absent this past week), but how the hell do I know if I actually want to talk with people? Yes, the "well, just talk to them" answer seems obvious, but easier said than done for me.

Geeze, I haven't even talked about guys here in...well, quite a long time at least. I am interested in other people, I just don't like most of them, so I'm ill-prepared when I actually do like someone (or even if I'm just interested in talking with someone like with the guy in class). I'm not entirely socially awkward. I'm clever and (on the whole) don't say stupid things in front of people. If you pick the right subject, I will fascinate you until you're sick of talking with me. That's the plus. The downside is I'm an inexperienced geek that lives with her mom and has no license or job.

-Oh, and there's a seriously fucking creepy guy that takes my bus and was walking over and standing around me the other day. Do not want.

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Quick plug for my [ profile] help_haiti bidding thread HERE. I'm offering drawerings. So, if you like pretty pictures and such, go take a look.

And now it's time for a brief conversation with my body:

ME: I just walked to the library...
ME: Yeah, I guess the ribbing rubbed a little b-

And thus ends a brief conversation with my body.

I indeed did take a walk to the library today, which was a four mile trip total, up and down a bit of hilly terrain. Considering I've been hermiting away the past few months, it was nice to get out and have a bit of a walk around. I bet I could do that walk once a week (socks permitting) and I'd end up in much better shape than I am now. ...and perhaps the cave-dweller pallor of my skin will warm up a bit. :\

At the library I snapped up Lieutenant Hornblower by C.S. Forester and a collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories. Today is double first initials day on my reading regimen, apparently. I've been wanting to read some of both of these, the Forester for pure entertainment reasons, and the Lovecraft because it seems references keep popping up to him everywhere I look, yet I haven't read a single story. So, yay books. They're due back on the 4th...which I'm writing here to remind myself.

It's not a very big library, and they've set up this digital system for checking out books, which I suppose could be convenient, but (and this is very strange coming from me) the transaction seemed lacking without a person behind it. You scan the bar codes from your card and the books you're checking out, press the screen to let it know you're finished, and then it prints up this little receipt...which is a continually annoying noise if you're just sitting around the library reading.

Are they going to be doing this in libraries everywhere now, or was it just this one?

Also, gosh, embarrassing: I had to get my card updated because the last time I used it was years ago. And then the friendly library staff had to help the old lady (me) figure out the CRAZY MODERN THINGAMAJIG. I'm usually all for automation and electronic ways of doing things, but somehow adding it into libraries seems odd. Libraries should be strange portals into the world of the past where you look up things on cards and someone holding a date-stamp checks out your books for you.

I also took a look by a vintage shop, which wasn't very good...and some big antique store that seemed to have some cool stuff. There was a three book set of Hornblower novels I might pick up later. ...and I won't be getting the cool, yellow, rotary telephone...even if it would be neat to have in my bedroom.

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I want to talk about something that has been niggling away at me for the past week or two.

rambling )
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Not much to report on from the daily life of. I've been having a lovely time of hermiting myself away, especially since the weather's cooled off a bit and fall is coming on. Earlier this week I got a flu shot (for the regular flu, not the swine flu) so hopefully I won't end up getting sick this winter.

And I've organized the bookshelves in my room! They are now loosely categorized and not piled on top of piles. Though I seem to have mislaid my copy of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (I suspect it's under my bed), and I have two different paperback editions of Good Omens.

Speaking I the only person who imagines Aziraphale and Crowley as early Fry and Laurie? I think someone suggested it to me a while ago and now it's stuck in my head.

The only other book I've got two of is because I've got it in German and in English. It's titled Die Blendung and Auto-da-fe, respectively. I'd say that the author (Elias Canetti) is one of my favorites, but I still haven't gotten through either of them. I have read through a book of his journals, which are absolutely wonderful.

I've got so much to read and here I find myself reading through Good Omens again. Well, it is a very good book.

Pictures of my bookcases, because I am that sort of person: )

Shallow thoughts on Blakes 7 while I'm thinking about it:

-Up to Season 3 now.
-Apparently, bras cease to exist some time in the future. Better stock up.
-I liked the original Travis better. The second guy reminds me of Nicolas Cage and is often dressed up in what looks like leather wicker.
-Speaking of leather: Full leather outfits are nice, but probably not the best choice for stealth operations. Creak creak.

Edit because oh I forgot to mention! I made a twitter for Fitz. Follow him if that's your bag.

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Thanks to those who replied to my last post. I'm feeling a bit better, I think. Possibly. The first Hermits United meeting will be held in two years' time at my cave. You are all invited.

I found the disk for my Microsoft Office suite, so I think that's one crisis averted. Now I just need to find my California ID so that I can get the good booze get in the door at the concert I'm going to later this month...and to confirm my citizenship and age should I actually get called in for one of those jobs.

Also, I'm slightly panicky about being called for an interview. GDI I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE.
...Oh, you say the job involves talking on the phone constantly every day? Oops.

Re-watched The Road to El Dorado this morning. I love that movie. Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh voice the main roles and it's absolutely lovely. They are the cheerier, animated, less inclined to endless puns version of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, I swear. So, new mood theme courtesy of [ profile] poisonedwriter! Despite the hilarity of having a Vulcan mood theme, I was getting a bit tired of it.

Oh, and I didn't sleep last night.


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I've been sort of...horribly depressed this past week, and as a result I haven't been around much. So, sorry for that.

The Japanophile guy in my T'ai Chi class talked to me yesterday, despite my attempts at shooing him away with my mind. He started out with talking about how he visited his Grandfather the other day who's declining rapidly and will very probably die soon. Then he talked about how he helps at the x-box booth during Comic-Con and how he has some-or-other position online. And all of this conversation interspersed with declarations about how meeting people is hard for him and a large dose of self deprecation. I shook his cold hand and introduced myself. I do not remember his name.

Am I a total bitch to have no interest in talking to this guy? Some people might consider him less of a loser than I am, but I really have no interest in him or in any of his problems. Really, I find it difficult to like most people. I don't want to hang out with people who bore me and share none of my interests. I've done that before and I get very little out of it. This is also why I have no friends outside of the internet.

This week, I skipped a lot of my homework because I simply didn't feel up to doing much of anything, but I'll have to get around to doing at least some of it. I did, however, ask my mom about jobs at the casino and she talked to the guy who runs the restaurants and things...and I've submitted my application for both the hostess and busser positions. So maybe if he doesn't deem me worthy to stand around and make reservations, I can go around and clean up tables. Still haven't gotten a call for either of them, but we'll see.

Since my computer reformatting experience, I've run into one problem: I have no idea where the case for my Microsoft Office suite is, and it wants the key code. The last time I saw any of that was in the computer box...which is now inexplicably filled with my mother's papers. The customer service thing basically says "you're screwed" on the subject, so I'll have to tear my room apart and see if it somehow ended up here. I have no idea.

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I had a nice time at my Grandma's yesterday for Fourth of July. I'm not big on symbolic displays of firepower as a celebration of patriotism, but they were pretty. We watched the nearby fireworks display from the back of her place. My favorite was the one that looked like red ash flicked from the tip of a giant, invisible cigarette.

I really like my Grandma. She's an amazing woman, but tonight she totally broke my heart. We were talking about how she and I are both introverted and she talked about something her husband (who died when I was little) said to her once:

"And Pop said, 'Rosemary, I'm a loner, but you're more of a loner than I am. You're okay on your own. You don't need me.' ...I did, though."

And then we went on to talk about something else. God, but that hurts. I'm not good with emotion in general, but I understand that.

I've been pretty disjointed and detached lately, and I'm not sure exactly how to fix that. I don't really do much and I don't do anything with people besides my immediate family because I've not had friends since I left high school three years ago. Usually I'm alright with that since I'm pretty introverted. I can amuse myself and I get my dose of human interaction here and elsewhere, but sometimes it just doesn't seem like enough.

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I've messed up my sleep schedule again, so I spent most of today asleep after being awake all last night. Also, I was highly productive and got tons done messed around with Windows Movie Maker and clips of Mark of the Rani. Our house guest is gone for now. she's gone to her mother's in Arizona and will probably be back in a month or so...and stay for who knows how long. Oh joy. But I have been relishing having the house more or less to myself again.


Stealing a meme from [ profile] oldstarnewshine:

1. Pick a number or two between 1 and 2040.
2. I'll find the corresponding track in my iTunes library.
3. Said track will be uploaded for your listening pleasure.
4. There is no four. Do it too! I wanna hear your music.

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This weekend I'm taking a trip up to see my Dad. For you internet peoples, that means that I won't be around from Friday until Tuesday evening. For me, this means a few things:

1) A nine hour train ride up the California coast...which is really nice...for about three hours. In preparation for this I plan on bringing several of my new school books (mostly writing books and poetry), my entire iTunes library shoved onto my iPod, a German/English dictionary (to translate some of the German songs I just downloaded), and a blank notebook (and my laptop...but it'll be impossible to see the screen with the light from the window...I learned that last time when I tried to watch a movie.)  Hopefully I'll be able to get some writing done.

2) I get to hang out with my Dad and his lovely wife Nancy. Despite latent issues I probably have with my Dad, I really do enjoy hanging out with him. He is much closer to my personality than my mother is, and it's a bit easier to be my regular snarky self around him. (By the way: how great is the word snark? I love it.) His wife Nancy has a job that fascinates me (nurse at a high security mental hospital) and I look forward to a story or two about that as well as being generally artsy with her.

3) I will have no access to internet or cable television. Every time I visit this is a bit like coming off of an addiction. Sometimes I think I should just cut myself off completely...then I realize that that's completely insane.

4) Nancy says she knows somebody that she wants me to meet. Like, a guy. A guy that reminds her of me. While this may or may not happen, I can't help but wonder at the oddness of it. Though from what she says, I may enjoy his company. Or it could be a horrible disaster that we will all laugh at years down the the line. Either way, sounds kinda awesome.


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