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Thanks to those who replied to my last post. I'm feeling a bit better, I think. Possibly. The first Hermits United meeting will be held in two years' time at my cave. You are all invited.

I found the disk for my Microsoft Office suite, so I think that's one crisis averted. Now I just need to find my California ID so that I can get the good booze get in the door at the concert I'm going to later this month...and to confirm my citizenship and age should I actually get called in for one of those jobs.

Also, I'm slightly panicky about being called for an interview. GDI I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE.
...Oh, you say the job involves talking on the phone constantly every day? Oops.

Re-watched The Road to El Dorado this morning. I love that movie. Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh voice the main roles and it's absolutely lovely. They are the cheerier, animated, less inclined to endless puns version of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, I swear. So, new mood theme courtesy of [ profile] poisonedwriter! Despite the hilarity of having a Vulcan mood theme, I was getting a bit tired of it.

Oh, and I didn't sleep last night.


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I've been sort of...horribly depressed this past week, and as a result I haven't been around much. So, sorry for that.

The Japanophile guy in my T'ai Chi class talked to me yesterday, despite my attempts at shooing him away with my mind. He started out with talking about how he visited his Grandfather the other day who's declining rapidly and will very probably die soon. Then he talked about how he helps at the x-box booth during Comic-Con and how he has some-or-other position online. And all of this conversation interspersed with declarations about how meeting people is hard for him and a large dose of self deprecation. I shook his cold hand and introduced myself. I do not remember his name.

Am I a total bitch to have no interest in talking to this guy? Some people might consider him less of a loser than I am, but I really have no interest in him or in any of his problems. Really, I find it difficult to like most people. I don't want to hang out with people who bore me and share none of my interests. I've done that before and I get very little out of it. This is also why I have no friends outside of the internet.

This week, I skipped a lot of my homework because I simply didn't feel up to doing much of anything, but I'll have to get around to doing at least some of it. I did, however, ask my mom about jobs at the casino and she talked to the guy who runs the restaurants and things...and I've submitted my application for both the hostess and busser positions. So maybe if he doesn't deem me worthy to stand around and make reservations, I can go around and clean up tables. Still haven't gotten a call for either of them, but we'll see.

Since my computer reformatting experience, I've run into one problem: I have no idea where the case for my Microsoft Office suite is, and it wants the key code. The last time I saw any of that was in the computer box...which is now inexplicably filled with my mother's papers. The customer service thing basically says "you're screwed" on the subject, so I'll have to tear my room apart and see if it somehow ended up here. I have no idea.

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Pick a character I've written, either in RP or fanfiction, and I'll tell you five things from my headcanon about them.


I didn't get the job at the casino. Not even a second interview! Ah well. They sent me a very impersonal form letter that hadn't even been signed by anyone. :/ Maybe I'll throw myself around to the local bookstores and see if I can get a job in the basement selling books to fine customers.

For the past couple weeks we've had a woman staying in the house. I've known this woman my entire life. She's the one who, upon my birth, convinced my mother to switch my intended first and middle names - much to my later dismay, and now she's staying with us while she does some work. I'll say briefly: this woman is all the things that annoy me about my mother turned up to eleven. She's extremely extroverted, incredibly tidy, snores like a dying yak, and says things like "libary" without notice. She's also incredibly nice and does the dishes, so I can't complain, but I have tended to stay up later at night or hide away in my room so I can get some time to myself. This has totally whacked out my sleep schedual. I suppose I'm just not used to it yet. ...And I don't know how long she's staying, so I may have to.

In more pleasant news, my new laptop is supposed to show up tomorrow. Yay.

Also, I've been reading through the EDA's with Fitz in (I figure that I should read his canon if I run a comm for the guy!) and would just like to say that Unnatural History is complete and utter crack. I can no longer say I haven't read a book in which someone has been mugged by a unicorn on the streets of San Francisco.

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My finals are finally finalized. Won't know my grades for a few more days. I'm not expecting outstanding grades, as this semester was me taking all the classes which I got Ds in in previous semesters, but I'd say I've squeaked by.

Went in and took my algebra final today. I'm not sure why the teacher liked me so much. He either had a huge crush on me or was glad that someone intelligent was in his class, but either way I'll definitely be passing. It might be to my advantage to take a math class with him in the future, since he does like me, and knows that my knowledge of math is pretty limited. Math does interest me, but it's frustrating that I can't just jump to the parts that interest me the most because I have to get down all of this basic stuff first.

I really don't want to take the next level of German, because I'd have to take it with a teacher that I don't like. He's very pretentious, and he doesn't think on the same wavelength that I do, so my questions to him often don't get answered in the way I'd like them to. I wish my current German teacher was teaching German three. *grumble* Maybe I'll write some LiveJournal posts in German as preparation. (I apologize in advance to my Flisters in Germany. My grammar is beyond terrible.)

No call yet from the casino, but they did say a week or two.

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I had my *first* interview yesterday for the position at the casino. I showed up, looking nice in my slacks and jacket, and chatted with the other applicants for the position. There were six people scheduled, but only four showed up: Me, a ditzy girl, an attractive guy, and a dumpy looking but clever guy. There was also some other guy there who said he was there for the interview, but he wasn't on the list and wasn't dressed nicely, so the guy wouldn't let him come in. Very strange.

As a group we were taken through the old casino, now empty, and I was able to throw in my piece of info that the new one was built in 2003. It really was quite neat, though. Huge rooms with nothing in them and only a few spotlights. It felt very Outer Limits. One room, the lights even came on when we walked through.

By and by, we came to the interview room, which had been set up with the tables in a square with a few people from the casino on one side and us on the other. One of the interviewers informed us that it would be a speed interview format "just like speed dating, if you're up with that scene."

But first! An activity! Now, I was prepared for this part, since my mom mentioned that something like it might happen, but here's how it went:

There was a piece of paper with a bunch of generic nouns written down: Fruit, vegetable, dog, store, shoe, etc. etc. The instructions were that you had to choose three and use that as a metaphor for yourself. i.e: If I were a drink I'd be 7-up because I'm sweet and have a bubbly personality. Whatever. Given that sort of format, it's hard not to be trite and unimaginative. But here are the ones I used:

1. If I were a fruit I'd be a pineapple because I'm sweet, reward patience, and work well with a variety of different things.
2. If I were a flower I'd be a hibiscus because I have a colorful personality, and I work well in warm, sunny environments.
3. If I were a department store, I'd be Macy's, because I'm nice, but not so high class that I exclude people - and I like parades!

Of course, most of that's complete bullshit. The parade line got a laugh, which I was hoping for. The other applicants did well, except for ditsy girl who seemed to not know what a metaphor is and answered with things she'd like to be.

Then we moved on to the actual interviews and I moved around the table talking to each person, getting asked typical interview questions. "why do you think you'd be good for this position?" "why, because I'm a people person!" etc. etc., I lied. I lied about myself and my enjoyment of other people for most of the interview, actually.

My only trouble was with the last guy, in his twenties with boy-band frosted hair, who's job it was to ask about my past employment history and my problems with past bosses. I was more fidgety around him, and I was making gestures with my hands until I saw him watching me gesture with my hands, at which point I fidgeted more. Since I don't have any past employment history, we talked about directors I've had and "how did you resolve conflicts with them?" Now, I'm pretty sure I answered satisfactorily, but the truth is that I'm usually not aware I'm having a conflict until it's already over. What I told the backstreet boy was that I usually don't find myself in conflicts at all and that I'm generally good when dealing with upset people.

Overall, I think I did alright. If they like me enough I'll get a second interview where I'll have to present some sort of script on stage in the casino. And they'll let me know in "a week or two." Yeesh.

Also, I've got a big blister from my heels. Not cool.


May. 26th, 2009 10:49 pm
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-The poll tells me you guys don't mind fan writing here, so here it will stay, along with everything else. I'll get around to posting those I haven't already posted and I think a links post...uh...later.

-I'm famous! Okay...not really.

-Everyone wants a job in a basement with books. We must be able to set something up.

-I've got clothes and everything ready for the non-basement/books job interview Friday. This includes uncomfortable closed toe heels. Grumble.

-Two finals tomorrow and then one on Monday.

-I made an icon out of my Six/Rani scribble. It is up there. And ridiculous.

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Yesterday Mom took me shopping for interview clothes...since apparently nothing I own is appropriate.

Except for heels, we managed to find a complete outfit, plus a nice T-shirt, and OMG I bought suspenders! I love them! My slacks will never fall down onto my hips again! And I got a jacket which makes me feel a bit like a circus conductor because it's black and white striped and the front comes to two points. Es ist sehr cool.

Also, I finally broke down and bought a new laptop, which really was needed considering I'm currently working on a five year old model with a broken hinge. I ordered it online and it's supposed to show up in like...a month. Really, Dell? A month? Ah well.

So, I hope I get that job. Because now I don't have any money.

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I stayed up all last night writing my research paper, then this morning the internet on the computer upstairs didn't work so I had to print the whole thing out at school (A buck fifty for ten pages!) which made me late. Whoo. But at least it's turned in.

And I've got an interview next Friday for that job! I am terrified.

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I applied for the fancy greeter position at the casino, and I'm hoping, despite my piss-poor resume, that I'll get an interview. The woman who is running part of it used to date one of my references (drama teacher) and has said she'd watch out for my name - so that may help. There's more than one spot open (quite a few, actually) but I keep getting terrifying information from my mother like: "so far, 60 people have applied" and "one of them is a runway model" and "you'll have to wear a dress".

My mother's wisdom on this one: "You just have to communicate friendly and outgoing. Basically, be the opposite of what you really are and you'll do fine."


Isn't there a position a basement somewhere? Maybe with books?

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Oh mom, you are wonderful and slightly insane.

So, my mom works at one of the Indian casinos down here, and she's found out about a job opening for door greeters...basically they want friendly young good looking people to say hello to people when they come in and to occasionally present for on-stage promotions and such. It'd be part time for 15 bucks an hour, which is flippin fantastic for standing by a door.

Here's the e-mail my mom just sent me:
Hi Jess,
This is starting to move fast. You will need to have your current schedule and possibly have an idea of what your summer schedule will be like. The shifts will be somewhere between 10 am to 2 am. Below is what Kari shared with me about the interview. It will be a speed interview, where you will sit in front of a person for about 5 minutes and answer their questions then move to the next interviewer. There will be more applicants interviewing at the same time as you. We will need to get your hair cut and pick out something to wear. I think looking tall may be to your advantage.

lol, mom. seriously.

Also, I don't drive, so I have no idea how I'd be getting there at 2AM. Really must do that learning to drive thing. 

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So, I woke up this morning to the sound of my neighbor using some sort of dremel tool next door...on METAL. Not the best "hello morning" I've ever had. Then mom comes in and reminds me that I need to take everything out of the kitchen cabinets because we've got termites and the guy is coming today to spray. I guess I said something wrong because she stormed out of my room and went off to work. Ah crumbs.

Eh, so the past week I've been pretty depressed but I'm emerging out of the funk a bit. Yesterday I went down to the mall, watched the people arrive in the morning, bought a book (Ender's Game) and picked up a couple applications (Barnes and Noble and World Market) and walked home. It was kinda nice.  I think I may just need to get out and among people that I'm not actually required to interact with.

I've also been having really weird dreams, but more on THAT later, I think
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Haven't heard back from the place I applied to, so looks like I'm going down to the mall this week. 

Been doing some research this week on con men and con games for a story. A story involving...con men! And space pirates! And geeks!

Lovin this quote (very oddly from Edgar Allen Poe) on the characteristics of a swindler:  "minuteness, interest, perseverance, ingenuity, audacity, nonchalance, originality, impertinence, and grin."

Also from Poe: "A crow thieves; a fox cheats; a weasel outwits; a man diddles. To diddle is his  destiny.  "Man was made to  mourn," says the poet. But not so: --he was made to diddle. This is his aim--his object--his end. And for this reason when a man's diddled we say he's done.

I think the word "diddle" has evolved a bit since Poe's time.

Hehe, diddle.
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I turned in that application a couple days ago. I at least managed to get some people to put down as references. Yesterday I called and they hadn't looked at it yet, but the woman I talked to said they were calling around for interviews next week. Hopefully that I called at all will say something, because my application surely doesn't.

It'd be great if I got a job there, because it's in walking distance. But we'll see. If not, it's a trip down to the mall for me, I think.

Also: Hooray for bug spray in my room. Haven't seen any spiders since.


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