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Today was alright. I got done most of what I wanted to do. I drew up a comic, I cleaned the house a bit, and I went to see a movie. I didn't finish up with my room, so that'll have to wait till tomorrow.

I woke up late and talked to my Dad and his wife Nancy on the phone for a while. He asked again me how long it'll be before I transfer over to a real university, which always bothers me. I've explained the plan to him and he still brings it up all the time. Which he then immediately follows with "oh, and let me know if there's any way I could help with that". What would be nice is help with the school I'm going to now. Eh, but besides that, talking with him went fine.

Cleaned up around the house a bit, did some sit ups and push ups (I did some the day before yesterday too. I thought I should introduce at least some sort of exercise into my routine), and got ready for the movie. The plan was to go see Scott Pilgrim, but when we got there the show was sold out. Which was disappointing. So we saw The Other Guys instead. It was alright, but definitely not a movie I would have normally chosen to see. The comedy was good in some parts, but in others I was bored or slightly offended while the rest of the theatre was laughing.

Hopefully I'll be able to go see Scott Pilgrim soon. Tomorrow we might go down to visit my grandma. I want to go to the school to pick up the books for my music theory class, write at least a couple hundred words, and run by Joann's Fabric for some more black dye. I dyed a couple of things the other day and the cycle ended before it could dye all the way through.

'What mom thinks of my new hair' comic ) was more or less an average day. I was a bit bummed out about missing the movie I wanted to see, but I can catch it another time.
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I haven't made a proper journal entry in quite a while, it seems, apart from showing off the bits and bobs of my costumes. (As it happens, the tights for my girl!five thing showed up and they're very cool - they've got a cool cable-knit pattern on them like the sweater. See?)

There's a couple things I've been wanting to mention on here but I haven't really sat down to do it, so:

There's been some business with my grandmother that came to a rather frightening moment this weekend. We learned several months ago that she has a growth on one of her ovaries. As far as they know it's not cancerous and it could have been there a very long time before they even found it. For a while they were talking about the possibility of going in and having it removed. Initially, she agreed, but then after talking with my Dad, she agreed to reschedule to this weekend. The night before last, grandma got a ride up to the hospital to go over everything and then came home. Once at home, she got a call from one of the nurses saying that she could come back to the emergency room immediately because a test had come back showing signs of renal failure. She refused because she felt fine, and called my mom and me to tell us what had happened. It's at that point that I freaked out a bit. It seemed like nobody was caring that something potentially fatal was happening to a member of our family.

However, it turns out that the readings were perfectly normal for her based on her history (she has one kidney, which skews the results) and furthermore, she's decided not to get the surgery at all. This is largely on my Dad's influence, who is extremely suspicious of hospitals. He thinks that once you walk through the doors, you lose all ability to make decisions for yourself. That part is unfounded, definitely. The other side, which I totally understand, is that my grandmother is an 89 year old woman. Surgery to deal with something that isn't causing her discomfort is definitely a risky proposition. Still, it irks me that nobody is weighing the options.

So, she'll be making an appointment to go see a geriatric doctor...who, I suppose will look over everything - and we'll see from there.

The second thing I wanted to talk about is an incident that happened at my mom's work several months ago. A man who had been fired during the holidays came in, shot one of the management, and then himself. My mother wasn't directly involved, though she was in the building when it happened. As far as these sorts of things go, I think it qualifies as "close to home". Though I have the same sort of detachment thinking about it that I get when I've heard of any other shooting. I don't know if that's good or bad, really. People do strange and terrible things that make little sense to me, and I'll never understand that sort of thing, no matter how close to home it is. But...I'm not horrified by it. Just sad for humanity.


Anyway. I think my dad's coming down today, which should be lovely given I as good as hung up on him the other night when he was rambling on about how surgery should have never been an option at all for my grandmother. ...and I haven't had any sleep.

Despite the tone of this entry so far, I'm alright. School is going nicely and I'm learning things I'm interested in. On Monday I'm going to go see about cashing in a bond I've got lying around - I have a list of things I'd like to do and most of them require a bit of dosh.


Jan. 28th, 2010 12:43 am
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I've been to all of my classes now, and the English classes (Mythology and British Literature 2) seem like they're going to be manageable. Physics still scares the crap outta me. I definitely need to apply a lot of time to that one. If I keep on top of things (read: don't slack off) I should be able to get through this semester.

Mom likes the Self Defense class a lot more than I do. I think she's much more aggressive than I am. I'm okay with learning different moves and stuff, but I don't want to imagine the pad I'm hitting is some imaginary dude getting a knee to the balls. Also, it's much more an anti-rape class than a self defense class. Okay, it's common, but that's not the only scenario in which someone might attack a woman.

Being in the British Lit (actually, aside: The Professor, who was born and lived in England, mentioned that calling someone from Britain a 'Brit' is considered an insult? I've never heard that before) class has reminded me that I haven't written much of anything lately and I really need to start writing again. So starting now, I'm going to try writing a short story or poem every two weeks. With all my classes, I know that once a week is just going to be too much.

I'm going to make a list of everything I write this year, and post them to this journal (under lj cuts, of course). I'm also making a list of all the books I've read this year. Right now it's a measly two books (both EDAs). Hopefully this will make me a bit more motivated to do both more writing and reading.

Understandably, I'm probably going to be online a lot less than I have been recently. Sorry, guys.

(Also, sorry for cluttering up your flist with the two posts to follow)

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So, go be honest with me, especially if I'm constantly annoying you or something.


I started school today. I've been really intensely anxious this past week. I suppose it's a result of doing all my classes online last semester. I haven't really been around people I don't know in months...and now it's just completely jarring to be around so many. My first class in the morning is physics (physics phyyysics physics) which on one hand is really interesting to me. On the other hand, it seems like it's going to be tons of work and is going to involve math that I'm not entirely comfortable with. (Yes, I'm really very awful at most math.) I sat front and center which should both get me to pay attention and scare the shit out of me on a daily basis.

The other class I attended today was my Self Defense class that I'm taking with Mom. It's the same teacher that taught the T'ai Chi class, which is alright. He talked for a while today about different types of predators. A lot of it just seems common sense to me. Look around, be aware of your surroundings, most attackers are someone the victim already knows, that sort of thing. I'm not sure if Mom's going to do very well in the class because she can't really hit the pads and things without it hurting her (though he said it would be fine). Her and her Doctor have been trying to figure out a new medication to deal with her pain issues (she has rheumatoid arthritis), but the stuff they just put her on was making her feel sick, so their going to try something else.

Not sure how that's going to work out, especially since my Grandma in going in for a surgery next week. She has a big growth on one of her ovaries that they're going to go in and remove because it's causing some problems for her. The whole idea scares the shit out of me. She's tough as nails, but she's also almost 90 years old.

...And because most of my post was a bummer:

I've been on a Smiths kick this week and had the following conversation with mom:

Her: That guy has a really unique voice.
Me: It's Morrissey.
Her: ...Van Morrissey?

Tomorrow I've got my physics lab (with a different teacher than the lectures), mythology and British lit. We'll see how it goes. But...I'm signing off now as I've got to be awake in a few hours. Man, this early rising is going to take some getting used to.

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It seems like I've not made a proper journal entry in forever.

Christmas went nicely and I managed not to make my mother angry about something or other, which is nice. It didn't seem to become the big deal that it could have...though at times it nearly got there. We did Christmas dinner at Grandmas and my Dad was there. Dad pushing himself last minute into holidays always pisses Mom off to no end, but things moved peaceably along.

I didn't really have much money at all this year, so she got a book and journal with the first page filled with nice things I think about her. ...I also wrapped up some tangerines and a banana, which made for fun unwrapping, and hopefully she thought it was as amusing as I thought it was.

For my dad the hit gift seems to be a book on beautiful experiments done in the history of science. He called me up and told me how much he likes it (no word of the other two books). When I was in the bookstore so much in the science section looked interesting, so maybe I'll head back later when I have more money and buy up a whole shelf's worth for myself.

I knitted my grandma a nice, warm scarf. I think that she liked it, and even if she doesn't she can still wear it while she's watching TV or something.

As for myself, I received some lovely things, including some awesome gloves from [ profile] mertondingle a couple Past Doctor Adventures from [ profile] shinnyjenni, as well as a bunch of wonderful cards.

Thanks, everyone!

On New Years I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with mom. She hadn't seen it before. I drank a rum and Coke because mom bought rum....but I don't really like rum. Or at least that rum. Ah well. I'd like to figure out more what sort of drinks I like. How's that for a New Year's resolution? Drink more.

Maybe I'm missing the self-improvement angle.


Oh, and now I'm sick.

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Have a meme:

Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! I will answer them all in a new post.


In other news, my mom bought a dog. A tiny mostly-Chihuahua thing. She mentioned going by to pick out a dog with her boyfriend Joel -for him, and I knew I was in trouble. Then she shows up with this tiny, squeaky thing and expects me to be super pleased about it, when all it really means is that I'm going to have to clean puppy piss up off the floor all the time. Me and the cat are not pleased at all.

She's been named Margaret (Maggie).

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Love meeeee.


Didn't do much this week. Mom's birthday was on Thursday and we went out and saw a movie. We were going to go see Wicked at the theatre, but she didn't listen to me about it being popular so by the time she called the cheaper tickets were sold out. Ah well. We may go see it later. Instead we went to go see (500) Days of Summer, which I think I liked. Possibly. Nonetheless, it was clever and creatively made. I do like though that the girl in the movie was an NT and the guy was NF. You really don't see that often in romance-type movies.

I've also been working on adding that gingham to my girly Six shirt- by hand since the machine is broken! It's sort of a relaxing thing to do, though. It's starting to look cool! I've painted some question marks on the collar and I think that I'll go over them with the thread later.

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Oh, I haven't made a post at my proper journal in a week. Well, here's a post to rectify that.

Also, a quick pimp for [ profile] brb_gallifrey since we're talking about Mark of the Rani this week!

Things that have happened in the past week:
- I've filed my FAFSA (free application for student aid), so I should know within the week what sort of aid I get, if any. I hope I get something in addition to the fee waiver, since I really don't have money to be buying books and things.
- I made my mom's boyfriend upset enough to leave the house after I yelled at him for suggesting that gay people are more likely to become homicidal lunatics than straight people. The whole situation was not good and I've reminded myself that I need to stay logical when people push my buttons instead of storming off in a huff.
- In related news, my mother said "You don't really want a rainbow umbrella, do you? People will think you're gay." GAH. Seriously, mom? Grow up.
- On a lighter note, I got some fabric:

That's some Hawaiian shirt fabric for my Six vest (still need to get a couple more in the right colors) and some gingham for adding to my shirt. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to do that part yet, but I'll figure it out.

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Pick a character I've written, either in RP or fanfiction, and I'll tell you five things from my headcanon about them.


I didn't get the job at the casino. Not even a second interview! Ah well. They sent me a very impersonal form letter that hadn't even been signed by anyone. :/ Maybe I'll throw myself around to the local bookstores and see if I can get a job in the basement selling books to fine customers.

For the past couple weeks we've had a woman staying in the house. I've known this woman my entire life. She's the one who, upon my birth, convinced my mother to switch my intended first and middle names - much to my later dismay, and now she's staying with us while she does some work. I'll say briefly: this woman is all the things that annoy me about my mother turned up to eleven. She's extremely extroverted, incredibly tidy, snores like a dying yak, and says things like "libary" without notice. She's also incredibly nice and does the dishes, so I can't complain, but I have tended to stay up later at night or hide away in my room so I can get some time to myself. This has totally whacked out my sleep schedual. I suppose I'm just not used to it yet. ...And I don't know how long she's staying, so I may have to.

In more pleasant news, my new laptop is supposed to show up tomorrow. Yay.

Also, I've been reading through the EDA's with Fitz in (I figure that I should read his canon if I run a comm for the guy!) and would just like to say that Unnatural History is complete and utter crack. I can no longer say I haven't read a book in which someone has been mugged by a unicorn on the streets of San Francisco.

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I applied for the fancy greeter position at the casino, and I'm hoping, despite my piss-poor resume, that I'll get an interview. The woman who is running part of it used to date one of my references (drama teacher) and has said she'd watch out for my name - so that may help. There's more than one spot open (quite a few, actually) but I keep getting terrifying information from my mother like: "so far, 60 people have applied" and "one of them is a runway model" and "you'll have to wear a dress".

My mother's wisdom on this one: "You just have to communicate friendly and outgoing. Basically, be the opposite of what you really are and you'll do fine."


Isn't there a position a basement somewhere? Maybe with books?

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Oh mom, you are wonderful and slightly insane.

So, my mom works at one of the Indian casinos down here, and she's found out about a job opening for door greeters...basically they want friendly young good looking people to say hello to people when they come in and to occasionally present for on-stage promotions and such. It'd be part time for 15 bucks an hour, which is flippin fantastic for standing by a door.

Here's the e-mail my mom just sent me:
Hi Jess,
This is starting to move fast. You will need to have your current schedule and possibly have an idea of what your summer schedule will be like. The shifts will be somewhere between 10 am to 2 am. Below is what Kari shared with me about the interview. It will be a speed interview, where you will sit in front of a person for about 5 minutes and answer their questions then move to the next interviewer. There will be more applicants interviewing at the same time as you. We will need to get your hair cut and pick out something to wear. I think looking tall may be to your advantage.

lol, mom. seriously.

Also, I don't drive, so I have no idea how I'd be getting there at 2AM. Really must do that learning to drive thing. 

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I got a bank statement this week that said 500 dollars had been taken out of my account last week. Automatically, I had a minor freak out that somehow, somebody had found out my information and gotten into my account. When mom got home, I showed her the statement, and immediately I knew. It was her. She took 500 bucks out of my account without asking in the hopes that she could put it back in before I noticed. Aagh. I get that our money situation isn't great, and I don't have a job, but damn, she could have asked.

I've got a couple things in the works that I'm going to need money to complete, least of all that I've been saving up for a nice new laptop that doesn't have bits falling off of it. (Seriously, one of the hinges is damaged, and a few minutes ago, a bit of plastic came out of the spot where the power cord goes. That can't be good.)

One project I'm thinking about involves screen printing t-shirts. I've made up a couple of designs (most of them geeky in a Doctor Who or Red Dwarf sort of way - or just geeky). First of all, I'd like to see if I can make them look nice, and secondly I'd like to see if setting up an Etsy or something for my geeky wares sounds like a good idea.
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1) After watching The Five Doctors:

Dad: I like that each Doctor gets his own girl.
Me: Well, Susan's his granddaughter, or at least that's what she calls him...
Dad: Is that some sort of kinky thing? *girly voice* Ooo Grandfather!
Me: Aagh, Dad, no.

2) Figuring out which Doctor mom is talking about:

Mom: The handsome one.
Me: Um...Peter Davison? In the cricket whites?
Mom: No, he's girly. The other one you like.
Me: Colin Baker? ...Multicolored coat?
Mom:  Yeah, him.

For all their flaws, I love my parents.
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Okay, so my mother rents out this property, and with the housing market freaking out (and the economy wallowing in self-pity in a corner somewhere) my mother is also freaking out. The renters at the place just decided to leave at the beginning of February, and apparently, mom doesn't have the deposit money to give back to them. She's freaked out and is calling some real estate person tomorrow to talk about short selling the whole place, and in the meantime is sobbing to me about it.

The thing is, I have this Savings Bond that a friend of the family gave to me when I was born, and she tore up the house looking for it. And here she was, crying in front of me about how she messed up and she'd wanted to leave me and my brother the property an all this, and I'm just sitting there thinking about how she didn't even ask about using money that's rightfully mine. 

I'm living under her roof. I don't have a job. But I have been very good about saving money and I have a fair bit. Along with all the money I have in the bank, and the savings bond, I probably have enough to pull her out of this mistake if the real estate person doesn't have any other options. But, I still feel like it shouldn't be my damn responsibility.


Oct. 16th, 2008 05:17 pm
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The past month or so, my mom has been on a new sleeping pill that she's supposed to take an hour before bed. I don't know what it is, but it makes her crazy. In the best of scenarios is hard to get her to do what she should be doing, but when she's groggy and half-drugged it's a lot worse. Recently she went to a doctor that told her that she should be getting to sleep by nine every night, and mom asked me to help her enforce it. As it is, I can usually successfully get her to bed an hour later, at 10. It's really difficult because I'm trying to act with authority when I don't have any authority, and she's drugged and illogical.

A couple nights ago, she went sleep-walking. Before I came downstairs to see what she was doing, she cleaned the kitchen counter, did the couple dishes that were in the sink, combined all of the dry snacks (dried fruit, pretzels, etc.)into a mix that probably needs to be thrown away now, and bagged up some empty jam jars with aluminum cans and set them by the door. The jars are broken now.

One of her only friends is moving to Missouri this month, and she's agreed to take some of her furniture (that we don't really have room for.) Last night after she took her pill, she was trying to drag a bed-side table up the stairs and I had to stop her and convince her that she'd probably hurt herself dragging around heavy furniture.

Not surprisingly, I'm losing sleep over this.
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So, I think I will drop that first class. It's a really lovely class and I like it a lot but it's the massive-amount-of-reading cherry on top of a literary all you can eat sundae...and I never was very fond of maraschinos anyway.

Geekiness served me well in Brit Lit today, as I was able to both name the warrior race from Star Trek (Klingons, of course) when he couldn't remember for a reference they made to Shakespeare, and an off-hand comment about Noel Coward (whom I know about thanks to Doctor Who) that I think got me in some serious student/teacher banter.

Mom stayed home today not feeling well. She's not been doing grand and I hope I can alleviate some of her stress somehow...I just need to figure out how to deal with mine first.

Now, test in Math class, then home. Wish me luck!


Sep. 13th, 2008 10:12 pm
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Piano was nice this morning, though super-jazz-piano dude didn't show up. When I arrived they were cutting down some big trees from around one of the main staircases. By the time they were done (and my class was over) it looked pretty nice. Much more out in the open.

For the past few days my mom's friend Jodi has been staying with us. She just got some sort of huge, gross growth removed from her neck and where she lives is pretty hicksville (and her daughter wouldn't treat her very well) so she's staying with us, until when I don't know. On the best of days I don't really like her much. I'm not totally sure why, but it probably has some to do with her not being well educated, along with her never-ending outgoing personality. This woman is sleeping on our couch with stitches in her neck that rival Frankenstein's monster, and she's still constantly outgoing. She's very draining to be around.

I haven't been writing a lot lately, but last night I got down a good portion of a story that popped into my head. So, that makes me feel a bit better. Oddly, it may be the first fanfiction I ever complete. Oh well. I'll get back to my own characters later.
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So, I woke up this morning to the sound of my neighbor using some sort of dremel tool next door...on METAL. Not the best "hello morning" I've ever had. Then mom comes in and reminds me that I need to take everything out of the kitchen cabinets because we've got termites and the guy is coming today to spray. I guess I said something wrong because she stormed out of my room and went off to work. Ah crumbs.

Eh, so the past week I've been pretty depressed but I'm emerging out of the funk a bit. Yesterday I went down to the mall, watched the people arrive in the morning, bought a book (Ender's Game) and picked up a couple applications (Barnes and Noble and World Market) and walked home. It was kinda nice.  I think I may just need to get out and among people that I'm not actually required to interact with.

I've also been having really weird dreams, but more on THAT later, I think


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