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Aug. 15th, 2010 03:32 am
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Okay, it's a bit past 3...still late, but earlier to bed than yesterday, so I'm calling it a success. This morning I sat down, used the last tea bags to make tea and sat down and drank tea and ate a peach while watching a bit of Patton on TV. Apparently that's the movie that George C. Scott won (and turned down) the academy award for. I have to admit it was a very good performance on his part. I hadn't actually seen it before, and I still haven't seen all of it, because part way through I'd finished my tea and my peach and decided that I should cut my hair.

So, I cut my hair, as competently as I could manage. It is pretty difficult to cut the hair at the back of your head with a big pair of fabric shears. But I managed well enough, I think. Right after it was dry I hated it, but I think it's growing on me. I'd still like to go to a hairdresser, but this will keep it out of my face 'till then. Mom said I look like a Beatle. I don't look like a Beatle.

I made a video and put it up on YouTube. I've been thinking about doing that sort of thing for a while, mostly as an exercise in talking to cameras. This is still super awkward, and the camera quality is terrible, but you can see my haircut in it:
Belowwww the cut! )

I got my comics drawn and uploaded (they're in the post previous to this one if you missed them) and I cleaned my room a bit. Tomorrow I'll finish with my room, clean up around the house a bit (vacuum upstairs and do the dishes), do a journal comic, and go see Scott Pilgrim with mom.
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Dad had the idea that Grandma would like pictures of my brother and me for her birthday, since the last ones we had taken were a couple years ago. Since we're not living in the same area anymore, we had to go somewhere where we could have similar backgrounds. So...I was packed off to the Sears Portrait studio, where I contended with possibly the most annoying women on Earth (one who felt I needed to know her entire life story) in order to get this:

For the record, the background is 'blue glitter' and the pose is 'what the hell am I doing in this position?'  )

Oh, btw, I got a haircut.

Dad's coming up this weekend to spend some time with his mom. Yesterday was her actual birthday and we went up, brought yummy cake, and spent some time with her. She's become vaguely obsessed with this band that plays on PBS sometimes called Celtic Thunder. Basically, a bunch of Irish guys, performing and singing songs. It's nice to see her really interested in something...she's been looking up information on different songs and learning more about Ireland. It's an aspect of her I haven't seen before, and it's neat to know that my grandma can be as much of a fangirl about things as I can. I got her one of the DVD's of the group for mother's day and she really loves it.

She's also been going out with people she knows more...where not too long ago it seemed like she'd decided she didn't want to do that anymore. All very encouraging.

The semester's just about over and I'm rushing to get everything done. So...I shall talk about school when I know how everything turns out.


Jan. 17th, 2010 12:02 pm
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Unintentional Sam Jones? Idk, but I like it! And I did in fact get enough hair cut off to send off to Locks of Love or some such, so that's good too! There's not much in it now, but there's quite a few layers, so if I put junk in it it'll really stick out all over the place. :D

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I have a couple things to ramble on about, but I think I'll be saving those till later. I've got the rest of Revolution Man to re-read for [ profile] act_three's Fitz-a-long. Forgot how much I like the plotting in this one. Mmm plot. And superpower drugs. And Communist brainwashing. (Yes, this is your scheduled "go join the read-a-long" plug, please continue about your day.)

Regarding my last post about cons and hair:

I'll be skipping Gallifrey, and will be going to Comic-Con on Friday and Sunday. I hope I'll see a couple of you there! ...and that the massive crowd won't send me into some sort of panic attack. We'll see!

And I'm getting my hair cut this weekend by some woman I've never had cut my hair before! (The girl that usually does my hair is, according to her, incapable of cutting short hair - so I'm going with someone elses recommendation. eep.)

Random bits

Jan. 7th, 2010 10:59 am
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Firstly, for the flist: Who's going to Gallifrey One? And who knows that they're coming to the San Diego Comic-Con? I know I'll be at Comic-Con, but the iffyness of everyone's attitudes toward Gally was making me reconsider it...I'm not completely sure I'm able to go anyway, but if a bunch of people were going I might think twice.

AND A QUICK EDIT TO SAY: Holy shit, four day passes and Saturday day passes to Comic-Con are already sold out. Suppose if I'm going I'm not going on Saturday!

For some reason my sleep schedule has swung around and I've been getting the morning. This is horrific and will not stand. Also, it is a fine idea to be done with classes by two in the afternoon, but I'm starting to dearly regret that I've signed up for a class that meets at eight o'clock in the morning. I'm sure that it will be interesting given my predilection for not being awake at that time of day.

I've been thinking about getting my hair cut short. Half of me really really wants to cut it, as it will be fun, easy and cute and my hair won't take forever and a half to dry, and the other half of me is thinking that it will look horrible and people will assume I'm a lesbian (or um, a happened once the last time I had short hair :|).

There's a terribly self-destructive part of myself that when somebody starts complimenting me on something, I immediately have to change it. So, I starting hearing "omg, pretty hair! so long!" and a little voice chimes in in my head saying "welp, time to cut our hair." I already did cut it a bit, by myself. Maybe it has something to do with wanting to be recognized for non-physical characteristics, or maybe it really is just as self-destructive as I'm assuming it is.

oh man what should I do here have some pictures )

I've also been through my closet and took out a bunch of stuff. I'm hoping that I can sell some of it. Maybe I'll take a look through my books too, but I'm not sure if there's anything in there that people would actually go looking for (other than at their local bookstore).


Oct. 25th, 2009 05:14 am
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I fucked around with that me-as-Fitz picture I took a while back, so have it here:

Cut cut cut cut cut )

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So, I got these light-up styluses for my DS shaped like lightsabers. And I did what any normal person would do.


I put them in my nose.


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State of the allergic reaction: Possibly better. I took a cold shower and that seemed to help. Still no idea what caused it, and still waiting for it to go away.

And for fun, This is what I'm wearing today:
If you're wondering if playing the Sixth doctor has had an adverse effect on me, no, I've always dressed like this. XD )
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1.Take a picture of yourself right now.
2.Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture.
3.Post that picture with NO editing.
4.Post these instructions with your picture.


Also I got yellow pants! (and an awesome green pair too)

The pants are a part of my plan for a girly version of Six's outfit in The Two Doctors. Too bad they aren't pinstriped.


Jul. 7th, 2009 06:22 pm
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I found out that, according to Big Finish, I take my tea the same way that the Sixth Doctor does (milk, no sugar). I am amused by this.

Comic and art under the cut... )


Jun. 29th, 2009 12:16 am
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Just want to show off my new (old) dictionary:


From the spine:

Webster's Twentieth Century Dictionary.
Many Supplementary Vocabularies
and Articles with Atlas of the World
(This dictionary is not published by the original publishers
of Webster's Dictionary or their successors)


Very unabridged.


My grandmother gave it to me today. She got it in 1942, the year it was published, from a door to door salesman. She had to buy three magazines to get the dictionary, which is what she really wanted.

In the front it has pictures of soldiers, fighter planes, and the "television apparatus". In the back are histories, an atlas, names from mythology and scripture, and quite a lot more.

It is pretty much the best gift I've ever received.

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Was going to make a sandwich for lunch, but we didn't have any sandwich meat, so I had a fried egg chili chutney sandwich with tomato, cheese, and hot sauce. It was yummy.

Plan to do some writing today, as well as some Big Finish listening. Maybe I'll go through and fix my photo files... See, when I transferred all of my photos over from the old computer, for some reason all the file folders disappeared, so now I've got to re-organize everything. O_O
EDIT: actually, I just re-transferred them and everything looks alright now.

Also, somebody please tell me that I look nothing like the new Doctor Who companion so that I no longer have the desire to dye my hair red...again.

Is this a spoiler? I dunno. Pictures under the cut. )
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I had to share this, because I've been cracking myself up all week with it:

And one to prove that I am, in fact, normal:
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Because I got bored the other night, and because I have a corset I never get to wear:




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