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Ahh, okay, the past month and some:

-Lia ([ profile] mertondingle) came to visit. It was awesome. We went on boats, a submarine, hung out at the science center, saw a planetarium show, went to the zoo, the beach, a drive-in movie (iron man 2!) and got drunk enough that we both passed out before we got to what we'd actually planned on doing while drunk. I may be forgetting something (besides most of that night).

-My brother visited and it was alright. I helped pick out a purse for Mom's birthday in August and he paid. I hope she likes it.

-My classes next semester will be as follows, provided that I can actually get Financial Aid. I don't know what the hell is going on with that. I have to go in and ask, I think.
anyhow: Intermediate Algebra, An Anthropology Lab, Descriptive Astronomy, Music Theory for Guitar and History of Rock Music. The last two are just to fill out my credits - but awesome! In the Spring I have to apply for graduation and I'll receive two associates degrees for all my dilly dallying. One in English and one in Creative Writing.

-Comic-con starts tomorrow and I'm completely panicking about it. Not only because it's 100,000+ people, but because I've just realised that my registration for Thursday was never emailed to me. I've emailed the con people and I got back a form email that said I'd be able to pick it up with just an ID, buuuut the main site says differently, so I emailed the registration people too. Ahhhhh.
EDIT: Actually, they never send me a Thursday ticket because I never bought one. fffffff.
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The new squeaky chihuahua dog has ringworm. Lovely. Also, instead of the vet giving her a regime of antibiotics, she's given us this utterly awful stuff that we're supposed to wash the dog off with once a week. One of its main ingredients is sulphur, which, if you haven't had the pleasure, smells exactly like rotten eggs. And of course I have to help, even though I didn't want the dog in the first place.

And today is my brother's birthday. He's flown in for the occasion and we're going to see a movie tonight, then will probably go see our Grandma tomorrow. I'm glad to be seeing Grandma again, since I haven't been able to go see her recently, but I'm sure it'll be a birthday-centric event.

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Ahh, what am I doing awake!

The bad news:
1) I burnt my arm on the iron this morning trying to get the wrinkles out of my OMG LINEN PANTS OF DOOM. Doesn't hurt anymore but I've got a red, raised line on the inside of my arm that looks like some sort of nasty self-mutilation scar.

2) My brother and his girlfriend are coming into town for his birthday tomorrow morning! Which is like...NOW. Now morning. It's not overly horrible...I get along marginally well with my brother, but it guarantees that I will be forced to attend some sort of group activity I don't really want to go to...and having two extra people sleeping in the house triggers all my waa-I-hate-people stuff.

Good News:
1) Got a bookshelf! And it's completely full already with all the books that were laying around in the other room. It really makes me want to go through alllll of the books, get rid of some, and reorganize the rest in a really cool way. I might even be able to clear out a whole bookcase from the other room(because it's pretty much filled with papers and random junk) which would be awesome because I have a bucket of books in my closet that should totally be not in my closet.

2) I found Speaker For the Dead by Orson Scott Card among the books in the other room, which is cool because I had planned on reading the Ender series and could find all of them except that one.

(Finished Ender's Game on my trip, and while the book itself was pretty cool, I knew what the ending "twist" was going to be from the very beginning. But maybe that's because one of my favorite movies as a kid was Toys)?

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I'm back! I'm glad to be back!

The famed Gilroy Garlic Festival was HUGE. I have no idea why so many people were there. It wasn't that great (I think it would have been a lot better if I was drinking mass quantities of alcohol like most of the crowd), but I had garlic fries and I tried some garlic ice cream. The fries were good. The ice cream was absolutely terrible.

While there I met the mother of my brother's girlfriend (Janice)...who seemed normal until she started talking about how the next day they were going to go scatter the ashes of Janice's dog on some hiking trail up where they used to live. And she was carrying the ashes around IN HER PURSE...and apparently she'd been carrying them around for months. Someone agree with me that that's not normal. My brother just looked totally pooped out. I can't imagine he had fun scattering those ashes the next day.

I got to show my Dad and Stepmom more Doctor Who while I was there, and they love it. Which is awesome. We watched some First Doctor bits and Timelash! Hehe, yes, I know...Timelash...but I love Timelash. And by the way! if you were thinking of getting Timelash on DVD, Paul Darrow is on the commentary with Colin and Nicola and it is absolutely hilarious.

Hmm...that's all for now, I think.

ETA: Oh, and I also wore my Lost Boys t-shirt to the Garlic Festival! Few people got the irony, but it made me giggle.


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