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Laying in bed and listening to music, I noticed a spider moving amongst the crackle of my popcorn ceiling. My first attempt at smushing it failed and it fell onto my bed where I trapped it under a glass. I lost it once because of the softness of the mattress before edging it off the bed onto my English journal. For a moment, time seemed to stop as I balanced the trapped spider with one hand to open the door with the other. From there, I went and set it, glass and all, in the bathroom where I intend to ignore it from now until such time that I really need that journal. 
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The war against the spiders has begun.  The summer heat has brought them out (and in the house) in full force. To those of you who complain about 75 degree weather, I scoff at you! Scoff! In the past few days it been in the hundreds. And boy do spiders love the heat. But! They may have eight legs, they may be tiny, creepy-crawly things, they may be potentially poisonous. But I have this:

Home Defense indeed. I have canvased the house with this stuff! I would have sprayed more but I was afraid for the feline in residence...and it was sort of burning at my hand.

So, then I opened up the living room window, for ventilation, then went to open the door as well, and there it was! A damn spider, valiantly fighting against it's soon-to-be death, just to sit on the door handle and freak me out.

...Stupid spiders.

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I turned in that application a couple days ago. I at least managed to get some people to put down as references. Yesterday I called and they hadn't looked at it yet, but the woman I talked to said they were calling around for interviews next week. Hopefully that I called at all will say something, because my application surely doesn't.

It'd be great if I got a job there, because it's in walking distance. But we'll see. If not, it's a trip down to the mall for me, I think.

Also: Hooray for bug spray in my room. Haven't seen any spiders since.
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I stayed up all night. I did not mean to do this. But I was lying in bed, checking a few things on the laptop (as I do) and suddenly there was a tiny spider hanging down in front of the screen. This tiny spider could have descended from nowhere but the ceiling. I'm really surprised that much webbing fit into such a small spider. So...I tried to squish it. But it was super fast and got away! ...and possibly into my keyboard.

One tiny spider with uncanny descending powers is okay. I can live with that. Chances are something like that isn't going to crawl in my ear and lay a hatch of eggs. I've come to terms with the fact that I will probably eat several small bugs in my sleep over the years. But then there was ANOTHER ONE. That first spider couldn't have possibly gotten back up to the ceiling in that amount of time.

Now I have the mental image of hundreds of tiny spiders crawling around my room and a creepy-crawly feeling is really not conductive to sleep. Even if I moved myself and a blanket down to the living room couch.

I'm more amused than worried about this, but I'm definitely giving my room a good clean today.


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