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Mar. 5th, 2010 02:55 am
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So, my Grandma seems to be doing alright. I'm still pretty worried about her, but she's going to get some more information before she does anything serious and that seems like the best was to go about things.

Last week I went into the bank with a bond (that I've mentioned here before) and cashed it in. I'd been told that it could be worth around a thousand bucks, as I've had it for twenty years. It's worth a lot less than I thought it was worth. Only about a hundred and fifty bucks. But ah well.

It's already been spent. I bought a few things I'd been thinking about getting for a while: some sunglasses, a program to help me learn guitar (the thing has just been sitting around and I can't stand it), and a pretty nice little microphone. I'd been talking with my grandma about how she wants to record some of the stories about her mother and grandmother and the stories she knows from them. I figure if I had something a bit better than the built-in mic on my laptop, I could actually make that happen. So that's what I did.

So now I've got no money. A while back I applied to be a first reader for the online science fiction magazine Strange Horizons and, after almost a month, they got back to me saying that "after some discussion of your application and your comments on your favorite and least-favorite SH stories, we think this probably isn't a good match. We thought you made some good comments, but we just don't feel that our tastes and yours mesh well enough for this position." Pfft. I can't even get a non-paying job.

But I still have yet to sell any of the stuff I've set aside, and I'm really looking forward to the stuff I'm getting. I'm trying to think of alternative uses for the mic. What would you people want to hear? poetry? my writing? excruciating guitar practice and gradual improvement? I kind of hate the sound of my own voice, so maybe it'd be like immersion therapy. I don't know.

Aaaanyway. Still liking my British lit class, and still annoyed by the ineffective teacher in my mythology class, but I'm doing well in both. Self defense class was really uncomfortable the other night because he choose me as a volunteer to practice a few moves in front of the class. That is, he "attacked" while I practiced in front of everyone. This is probably partly because my mom can't really do things in the same way a young, fit person could. Also, I think he likes me. I have no idea why. He doesn't seem to like my mom at all. It's funny since she's usually the one who's great with people. I don't like him as much as the guy he has coming in to help out with demonstrations every once in a while. This guy and the teacher seem to be a bit gay together. Again, I don't know, but it's hard not to go there when one of them's straddling the other. (And no, it's not a pleasant image. Neither of them are exactly Greek gods.} Ahem...but anyway...

Had an in-class essay comparing Keats' "Ode to a Nightingale" and Shelley's "To a Skylark" and I got a 94%! Though I think he's a very easy grader with the in-class essays. The guy next to me, a complete idiot, got a B.

Next we're reading through Dickens' Hard Times. I need to read that this weekend...and I'd like to start on a book I bought called Arthur and George by Julian Barnes. It's an alternate history novel surrounding an original character and Aurthur Conan Doyle in late Victorian England. ...and the next EDA, and some art stuff. And research. Oh, and writing. I haven't done any writing. And...a bunch of other stuff.

Agh. Too much to do.


Jun. 29th, 2009 12:16 am
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Just want to show off my new (old) dictionary:


From the spine:

Webster's Twentieth Century Dictionary.
Many Supplementary Vocabularies
and Articles with Atlas of the World
(This dictionary is not published by the original publishers
of Webster's Dictionary or their successors)


Very unabridged.


My grandmother gave it to me today. She got it in 1942, the year it was published, from a door to door salesman. She had to buy three magazines to get the dictionary, which is what she really wanted.

In the front it has pictures of soldiers, fighter planes, and the "television apparatus". In the back are histories, an atlas, names from mythology and scripture, and quite a lot more.

It is pretty much the best gift I've ever received.

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Yesterday Mom took me shopping for interview clothes...since apparently nothing I own is appropriate.

Except for heels, we managed to find a complete outfit, plus a nice T-shirt, and OMG I bought suspenders! I love them! My slacks will never fall down onto my hips again! And I got a jacket which makes me feel a bit like a circus conductor because it's black and white striped and the front comes to two points. Es ist sehr cool.

Also, I finally broke down and bought a new laptop, which really was needed considering I'm currently working on a five year old model with a broken hinge. I ordered it online and it's supposed to show up in like...a month. Really, Dell? A month? Ah well.

So, I hope I get that job. Because now I don't have any money.


Sep. 16th, 2008 09:25 pm
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Been noticing more people wearing good hats (aka: not baseball or trucker) lately. I hope even more people start. I like seeing people wear hats. It feels very civilized to wear hats.

Mum's going to take me out to the fun shops in Hillcrest for my birthday this Saturday. Maybe I'll get a nice hat.

ETA:"fun shops" sounds dirty. It's not, I swear. (Though I'm sure there are that kind of shop in Hillcrest, too.)

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Points to anyone that knows what my title quote is from.

It's nearly three AM, and, predictably, I haven't finished my play. But I am adding green to my fifth Doctor scarf! Adding green to my scarf, adding green to my scarf, hi ho the derio, adding green to my scarf!

Also: This personal soundtrack t-shirt is pretty damn awesome.
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Okay, this is bound to become a bit disjointed since it's past five in the morning, I haven't slept yet, and I have a lot to talk about.

A bit about Torchwood, and particularly Owen (spoilery for 2.8): )

I finally broke down and spent some of the money that I got from selling my car. I bought four things...the first two arrived this week, and I'm very happy. The first: new shoes! I have been drooling over these for quite a while. They're the exact color of my 1983 liz claiborne purse (six bucks at a vintage shop...awesome!) It was only after I ordered them that I realized the Sixth Doctor also had bright green, obviously, I have an awesome sense of style...right?

Second thing: Yarn! Yarn for my Fifth Doctor scarf! It shall be I may be able to join the who knit-along after all.

Umm....that's it for now, I think. More to blather about, but it'll have to wait till later.

notes to talk about:
my father
knitting needles

There is an owl hooting outside my window. Hoot. Hoot.


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