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So, I'm riding in on the tail-end of this five things meme. [ profile] pimpmytardis gave me these things to elaborate on:

1) Six/Rani

Cut because I rambled... )
2) Knitting and the Season 18 scarf in general

I've been working on my Season 18 scarf since around January, and so far I've gotten this much done:

This is my second project, and my last project was a scarf as well, so I still have a lot to learn about knitting. I'm thinking about knitting Romana's long, white scarf. That might be a fun project to practice stockinette with. Hopefully I can work my way up to sweaters and hats and things. Maybe I'll try socks soon! Goodness, isn't knitting exciting?

3) the Super Writing Challenge

Last year I forget National Poetry Month, which is April. A lot of people take the opportunity to write one poem a day for a month, which is a great writing challenge. But, since I forgot about it, during May I issued my own challenge. The challenge was to do one creative thing each day...a poem, a short story, or a comic.

Of course, in the end, I did a few things and then ended up making up the rest with haiku, but I still think it was a great idea. Maybe again this May?

5) [ profile] socal_who

I created this with [ profile] urchinmoppet on a whim, to see what chance there is of getting Whovians in Southern California together. I hope something comes of it, or at least it will be a convenient place to talk about the next Gallifrey One. I'm not sure how much use it will be to me personally since I'm a bit of a hermit, but maybe I can get over that if it means being able to ramble on about Doctor Who in public sometime. =) Flisters, if you're in Southern California, join up!

If you're observant, you'll notice that there's no number four. Number four was "Owen love" which I'll have to talk about later because I want to do him good, analytical justice.
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ALSO: Is it just me, or does my cartoon self look like the child of Romana 2 and Severus Snape?
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Holey Jamoley, haven't updated in FOREVER.'s a monologuey thing that I wrote:

On Guard

 'First I hardly even knew he was there...a face in the crowd that was a bit off, that I couldn't quite catch. Those first few weeks, I saw him...many times. He caught me by surprise every time. The ginger hair, the cool way he held himself. He stood out like nobody I ever saw.

How could he be so calm in all this mess?

I made it a game of watchin' him, gave him a million background one, he was a traveler from another world. He could have been.

Really, sir. He wasn't a local. Couldn't have been. They process too easily; hardly even need the suppression therapy. Ready for domination, the fools. This one...kept showin' up in the new batches, wouldn't submit. How was he avoiding the processing?

Didn't you notice? He's hard not to notice.

If he knew a way to escape, why didn't he leave earlier? How did he get here? He didn't belong. He belonged with me. I...I think I loved him. Funny way to fall in love, I know. But that's how it goes.

Three batches today and I hadn't seen him yet. I'd been watchin' the crowds, looking for that strange patch of orange, but...nothin'.

And then, the knife at my back...the hand over my mouth. I pulled my gun. Procedure, ya know? But, was him. The ginger hair....he was taller than I thought he'd be. And those eyes. My god...grey like storms. I just forgot about my gun. But he didn't. He took it. Shot me.

Won’t tell you where he went. Love him, that's what you do for the people you love, isn't it? Isn't it? Maybe he can find a way out, a better way... 

God, those eyes...  


Yeah...I don't know either.

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Okay, I'm cheating slightly to make up for the days I've missed on my challenge. Lets say...three haiku equals a poem.

I enjoy haiku
it's short and easy to write.
Hey, suck that, challenge!

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Aaarg. I'm behind on my Super writing Challenge...challenges. I promise I'll get more done this weekend! (Even though both my Dad and brother are coming into town for mothers day...which is not going to be fun at all...and I need to do something for my mom...I know she'd like me to write her a poem, but I'm not sure if I can write anything as fluffy as she'd want it to be...and I kinda feel like shit....ellipsis...ellipsis...ellipsis....)  

Also: Sometimes I have dreams that seem waaay too complicated and involved to be thought up in one night. Seriously, this one last night had plot progression and in depth characters. Is my subconscious putting this shit together while I'm awake? Damn you, subconscious! Pay attention! You could be helping me with other things!
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So, I went to the Marge Piercy events at school today...including the writing workshop I was chosen to take part in. The workshop went okay, Piercy talked about the oral qualities of poetry and how to use them effectively. She said that she liked my poem, but she wanted me to pare it down a lot. I don't know about that, but she did give a couple good suggestions.

Later on, I went to her reading, which I enjoyed, but I really don't like some of her poetry.  At both events, the tendency toward a hero-worship attitude bothered me. I'll admit that her advice might be worth a bit more because she's had some success and publication, but what is the advantage of getting up and clapping when she enters or of getting her to sign something? Seems silly. Thus, today's poem.

(I now realize a lot of these are going to need tons of reworking)


May. 1st, 2008 10:53 pm
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So, if you missed my last post, for the month of May, I'll be posting every day with either:
1)a poem or short story
2)a discussion of writing by somebody else, or
3 an autobiographical comic.

So, here's the first offering!

Should I put these behind a cut? Tell me if it's messing up your flist.
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Here's what I'm thinking:

I want to set up a challenge for myself.

For each day in May I will do one of three things:
1)Write a poem or short story
2)Discuss writing by somebody else, or
3)Draw an autobiographical comic.

This is largely because last month, April, was national poetry month and I forgot about the whole "NaPoWriMo" write one poem a day for a month thing. It's like NaNoWriMo...but with poems. So! I thought I'd tailor make myself a challenge! And this is it.

What happens if I miss a day? Hmm...maybe I'll have to think up some sort of punishment...Or maybe I'll have to post two whatevers the next day.

My first 1, 2, or 3 should be up tonight.

Anyone care to join me?


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