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Apr. 27th, 2011 10:25 pm
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A quick post now and then a bigger one later because I haven't posted in AGES.

I have a new phone! If you'd like to be able to text me (afraid I still don't have many minutes but i can text all I want), leave your number in comments and I'll send you a text. I'll screen the comments.
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Quick plug for my [ profile] help_haiti bidding thread HERE. I'm offering drawerings. So, if you like pretty pictures and such, go take a look.

And now it's time for a brief conversation with my body:

ME: I just walked to the library...
ME: Yeah, I guess the ribbing rubbed a little b-

And thus ends a brief conversation with my body.

I indeed did take a walk to the library today, which was a four mile trip total, up and down a bit of hilly terrain. Considering I've been hermiting away the past few months, it was nice to get out and have a bit of a walk around. I bet I could do that walk once a week (socks permitting) and I'd end up in much better shape than I am now. ...and perhaps the cave-dweller pallor of my skin will warm up a bit. :\

At the library I snapped up Lieutenant Hornblower by C.S. Forester and a collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories. Today is double first initials day on my reading regimen, apparently. I've been wanting to read some of both of these, the Forester for pure entertainment reasons, and the Lovecraft because it seems references keep popping up to him everywhere I look, yet I haven't read a single story. So, yay books. They're due back on the 4th...which I'm writing here to remind myself.

It's not a very big library, and they've set up this digital system for checking out books, which I suppose could be convenient, but (and this is very strange coming from me) the transaction seemed lacking without a person behind it. You scan the bar codes from your card and the books you're checking out, press the screen to let it know you're finished, and then it prints up this little receipt...which is a continually annoying noise if you're just sitting around the library reading.

Are they going to be doing this in libraries everywhere now, or was it just this one?

Also, gosh, embarrassing: I had to get my card updated because the last time I used it was years ago. And then the friendly library staff had to help the old lady (me) figure out the CRAZY MODERN THINGAMAJIG. I'm usually all for automation and electronic ways of doing things, but somehow adding it into libraries seems odd. Libraries should be strange portals into the world of the past where you look up things on cards and someone holding a date-stamp checks out your books for you.

I also took a look by a vintage shop, which wasn't very good...and some big antique store that seemed to have some cool stuff. There was a three book set of Hornblower novels I might pick up later. ...and I won't be getting the cool, yellow, rotary telephone...even if it would be neat to have in my bedroom.


Sep. 25th, 2009 03:05 am
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Soooo...Turlough the laptop and I had a disagreement. We're not breaking up or anything, but I did throw everything we owned out on the lawn.

In other words: The computer was seriously acting up and I reformatted the hard drive to factory settings. I've lost pretty much everything I didn't have when I got the computer...which includes a couple of those half-written fics I mentioned two posts back...and the original files for a lot of my art. Also a lot of things which I'll have to re-download. And...well, everything, really, except the files I have stored from when I switched over computers.

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Was going to make a sandwich for lunch, but we didn't have any sandwich meat, so I had a fried egg chili chutney sandwich with tomato, cheese, and hot sauce. It was yummy.

Plan to do some writing today, as well as some Big Finish listening. Maybe I'll go through and fix my photo files... See, when I transferred all of my photos over from the old computer, for some reason all the file folders disappeared, so now I've got to re-organize everything. O_O
EDIT: actually, I just re-transferred them and everything looks alright now.

Also, somebody please tell me that I look nothing like the new Doctor Who companion so that I no longer have the desire to dye my hair red...again.

Is this a spoiler? I dunno. Pictures under the cut. )
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I have named it Turlough )


Also, I've parred down my tags a bit, so now you might actually be able to find something in here. I still need to go through and assign tags to things, but it's semi-organized now. For example, the fitz tag *points down* now goes to times I've talked about Fitz. How novel.


Jun. 5th, 2009 06:13 pm
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-Ah, it's so nice to have tons of things to do and no pressing issues at the same time. I'm enjoying it.

-My mom's computer has been acting up and I fixed it! Hurrah. Also, I've been thinking of taking some computer programming-type classes in the fall. I figure that it might be prudent to have experience in something other than analyzing literature.

-Speaking of computers: Wah my new laptop will never be here ever ever. EVER! And by ever I mean 'till about the middle of the month.

-I've got some icons in the [ profile] iconsofrassilon competition, so go vote! You don't even have to be a member of the comm.

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Yesterday Mom took me shopping for interview clothes...since apparently nothing I own is appropriate.

Except for heels, we managed to find a complete outfit, plus a nice T-shirt, and OMG I bought suspenders! I love them! My slacks will never fall down onto my hips again! And I got a jacket which makes me feel a bit like a circus conductor because it's black and white striped and the front comes to two points. Es ist sehr cool.

Also, I finally broke down and bought a new laptop, which really was needed considering I'm currently working on a five year old model with a broken hinge. I ordered it online and it's supposed to show up in like...a month. Really, Dell? A month? Ah well.

So, I hope I get that job. Because now I don't have any money.

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Two days ago I decided that my iPod needed a name, and since I'd been thinking about one Dr. Harper that day, I named it Owen.

Today it briefly died and I'm now restoring the entirety of my iTunes back onto it.

...the hilarity of this is not lost on me.


Jul. 13th, 2008 01:55 pm
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Okay, the wireless on my laptop isn't working (yes, I tried turning it off then back on again), which means I'm using the computer in my mothers room until it gets sorted out...which means constant interruption, which means I probably wont be on the computer much until the laptop decides to connect to the wireless again. WTF laptop?

EDIT: Got it working! Just had to do a bit of jiggerdy-pokery.


Jan. 12th, 2008 10:09 pm
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This is not good. This is decidedly bad.  So now I'm going to go through and see what I don't need.

I've had this laptop for a few years now, and have jammed a bunch of stuff into's amazing it's lasted this long.

Maybe I should get an external hard drive. Or a new laptop...that'd be nice. I actually have enough money to buy a new laptop now (leftover from selling my car), but I was hoping to save up a bit more and buy something totally awesome.

Any suggestions?


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