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I've noticed that I've posted a few entries friends-locked in the past, but I don't have any way of letting people know that I occasionally do that, it is!

I'm still keeping just about everything public, but I'm keeping the private info under a friends lock. I'm not very picky about friends, but don't be offended if I don't add you back. Maybe I just don't have a good enough idea of who you are. Or maybe you're creepy.

Comment to be added.

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First thing: I'm a finalist in a competition to win 1000 bucks worth of awesome shoes. Please please please go over here and vote for "Razor Sharp". The voting is only for the next few days and you can vote every day!

Second thing: I'm (hopefully) going to mail out my Christmas cards this weekend. If you want one, drop your address in this post!

And now the what I've been doing with my life stuff:

Since my last proper update ages ago, I both got into Emerson College and realized that I can't go because there's no way I can afford it. Even if I won a bunch of scholarships, the debt of my student loans would be following me for the rest of my life. So... there's that.

I'm thinking that I have a couple options open to me now- I can scout around for internships with independent publishers. Maybe an online magazine would be a good choice barring that. There are a lot of publishers out there. Surely one of them would be interested in having me read through their slush pile.

The other option I have open now is to go after starting up a bookstore I'd love to be in. I've been thinking for a while of trying to start something like Mysterious Galaxy Books here in San Diego or Borderlands in San Fran: an exclusively genre bookstore that holds events and fun things. That definitely wouldn't be easy, but I think I could definitely do something like that. The history on the Borderlands website mentions that they started with a much smaller place, it took a year before they could sell new books and three years before they hired their first employee. I can very easily imagine myself in a place like that. Whether or not I could keep it about water is another question.

The third option is to keep writing and submitting. Submissions are open for Clarion again this year and I think I might try to get in. Again, even if I do get it there might be a financial issue, but I can try anyway.

In more here-and-now news, it looks like my mom is going to have to short-sell both the place we're living in now and her rental property because she owes way more on them than they're worth and her payments at the place here just went up. So come the new year we'll probably be renting. That's not all bad. Moving will suck, but I might be able to live in a room that less of a closet than the one I'm in now, and we'll be able to save money.

Because of that situation, mom decided to go out and buy a newer car before her credit turns to shit, so a while ago we went and got a 2010 Ford Focus. It's nice, and mom gave me her old Corolla The dealer got my '85 Camry that was falling apart at the seams. I'm not sure the Corolla is in any better shape, but it definitely looks better.

What else? I'm still trying to get a job, but so far it's not looking all that good. I'm thinking I might just start trying other means of making money. Not quite sure what that'll be at the moment, but I have ideas! Definite ideas! I've read a lot more this year than last, which is a very good thing. I'm nearly done with the EDAs featuring Fitz. Just six or seven left, I think. Now I will know ALL THE FITZ THINGS. ...Except all the things I've forgotten since I started reading them.
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Hi hello everyone. Do you remember when I posted about ideas that I had and had you vote on them? Yeah, me neither. But here is what I made: A fun blog about logical fallacies. A blog where I attempt to be professional. Am going to put up more there soon. I HAVE IDEAS.

Things on the LJ machine:
[ profile] shalka_verse: a comm for...Shalka verse
[ profile] notwherebutwhen: a comm for the imaginary show Inspector Spacetime

join/follow as you wish
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First, thanks to anyone who commented on my last post. <3

NOW ON TO BUSINESS. I have some ideas for creative projects, but I'm not entirely sure which would be interesting to more than just me.

IDEA THE FIRST: An illustrated guide to logical fallacies. I would set up a blogspot and regularly post a simple comic and a complete description of the depicted fallacy (in a fun to read way instead of a stodgy academic way). I love fallacies and this would be a great way for me to get them hard-wired into my brain, not to mention create a great resource. Pros: fun, educational. Cons: More difficult, possibly obtuse

IDEA THE SECOND: Read comic books. As a newbie to the comic book world (my total education in the genre is under ten books), it might be interesting to document my journey into the worlds of DC, Marvel and beyond, sharing my opinions along the way. I did a quick look, and I didn't find anything like this, but then again, I'm not sure comics fans would be interested in reading that sort of thing - though I could definitely make it a fun read. If you are a comics fan, what would you think of a newb perspective? Pros: Give myself a reason to read up on the backstories I'm interested in and the mythology of those universes, probably could get me press passes to Comic-Con next year. Cons: Might be unwanted/already done, more expensive.

IDEA THE THIRD: Create a personal blog/write short stories and poems for submission to online and print magazines. This is something that I really should be trying to do, but I just haven't been doing. Not only would writing more often (and more than just my book) be good for developing my writing skills, but it could get my name out there if I actually get anything published. The personal blog would contain essays on interesting topics and my own life experiences. Unlike this journal, it would give me a more public place to put my thoughts and, hopefully, to sell myself (in a non-hookerish sort of way). Pros: Incentive to publish and market myself, provide a place for people to find me online. Cons: Content will probably be slim at first, broader topics mean less people will be interested.

[Poll #1762379]

Aaaand that's it. Actual post describing life events to follow.

New Phone!

Apr. 27th, 2011 10:25 pm
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A quick post now and then a bigger one later because I haven't posted in AGES.

I have a new phone! If you'd like to be able to text me (afraid I still don't have many minutes but i can text all I want), leave your number in comments and I'll send you a text. I'll screen the comments.
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lol jk here's a meme:

Ask me anything RP-related. What my character feels about yours, what makes a particular character fun, why I picked a particular username, anything. I will answer to the best of my ability.
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It's about time for another one of these.

1. The Lathe of Heaven - Ursula K. Le Guin (1971)
2. The Book of the Still - Paul Ebbs (2002)
3. Camera Obscura - Lloyd Rose (2002)
4. Fear Itself - Nick Wallace (2005)
5. The Slow Empire - Dave Stone (2001)
6. Dark Progeny - Steve Emmerson (2001)
7. The City of the Dead - Lloyd Rose (2001)
8. The Adventuress of Henrietta Street - Lawrence Miles (2001)
9. Django: The Life and Music of a Gypsy Legend - Michael Dregni (2006)
10. Hope - Mark Clapham (2002)
11. Anachrophobia - Jonathan Morris (2002)
12. Fearless Fourteen - Janet Evanovich (2008)
13. The Banquo Legacy - Justin Richards and Andy Lane (2001)
14. Trading Futures - Lance Parkin (2002)
15. The Crooked World - Steve Lyons (2002)
16. American Gods - Neil Gaiman (2001)
17. History 101 - Mags L. Halliday (2002)
18. Time Zero - Justin Richards (2003)
19. Wise Children - Angela Carter (1991)
20. The Infinity Race - Simon Messingham (2002)
21.The Domino Effect - David Bishop (2003)
22. Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (1990)
23. Cauldron - Jack McDevitt (2007)
24. Reckless Engineering - Nick Walters (2003)
25. The Last Resort - Paul Leonard (2003)
26. Timeless - Stephen Cole (2003)


Nov. 7th, 2010 11:23 pm
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Firstly, a thing:


Aaaand boy, I haven't updated in forever (not properly since August), so here goes:

I have a job. I'm working at Burlington Coat factory on the weekends (closing, which is why I tend not to be on weekends anymore). As a job it's okay and I'm the only person in my section when I'm there which means I don't have a lot of people redoing what I've just done. Mostly I reorganize handbags and jewelry and other accessory junk.

I'm in a ~relationship. With a girl. And my mom's okay with it.

I'm in school. I've got five classes going. Algebra, Astronomy, an Anthropology lab, Music theory for guitar, and rock history. The music classes have been fun, as I suspected they would be, even if the music theory twists my brain a bit at times. The other classes are fun too (excepting math which I hopefully will be passing - fingers crossed). I have to sign up for my classes for next semester soon...I may have to dig around a bit and see if I can find the sheet the counselor gave me.

Despite all of these improvements, I'm not entirely sure that I feel any different than I did in August when I wrote about distressing dips in my mood. There's a definite improvement day-to-day, which is good. I think having much more to do limits my time for that sort of thing.
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Wow, look, a post.

1. Find a sentence / stanza / paragraph from a book / poem / what have you that you adore.
2. Write it out, along with the name of the source and the author's name, using your usual handwriting (and for extra points, your favourite pen)
3. Scan it / take a picture of it / etc. and post it in the comments.
4. Copy this to your journal

I wouldn't say that I adore this poem especially, but I do adore Robert Creeley, and it's a great example of his work.

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Today was alright. I got done most of what I wanted to do. I drew up a comic, I cleaned the house a bit, and I went to see a movie. I didn't finish up with my room, so that'll have to wait till tomorrow.

I woke up late and talked to my Dad and his wife Nancy on the phone for a while. He asked again me how long it'll be before I transfer over to a real university, which always bothers me. I've explained the plan to him and he still brings it up all the time. Which he then immediately follows with "oh, and let me know if there's any way I could help with that". What would be nice is help with the school I'm going to now. Eh, but besides that, talking with him went fine.

Cleaned up around the house a bit, did some sit ups and push ups (I did some the day before yesterday too. I thought I should introduce at least some sort of exercise into my routine), and got ready for the movie. The plan was to go see Scott Pilgrim, but when we got there the show was sold out. Which was disappointing. So we saw The Other Guys instead. It was alright, but definitely not a movie I would have normally chosen to see. The comedy was good in some parts, but in others I was bored or slightly offended while the rest of the theatre was laughing.

Hopefully I'll be able to go see Scott Pilgrim soon. Tomorrow we might go down to visit my grandma. I want to go to the school to pick up the books for my music theory class, write at least a couple hundred words, and run by Joann's Fabric for some more black dye. I dyed a couple of things the other day and the cycle ended before it could dye all the way through.

'What mom thinks of my new hair' comic ) was more or less an average day. I was a bit bummed out about missing the movie I wanted to see, but I can catch it another time.

hair cut.

Aug. 15th, 2010 03:32 am
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Okay, it's a bit past 3...still late, but earlier to bed than yesterday, so I'm calling it a success. This morning I sat down, used the last tea bags to make tea and sat down and drank tea and ate a peach while watching a bit of Patton on TV. Apparently that's the movie that George C. Scott won (and turned down) the academy award for. I have to admit it was a very good performance on his part. I hadn't actually seen it before, and I still haven't seen all of it, because part way through I'd finished my tea and my peach and decided that I should cut my hair.

So, I cut my hair, as competently as I could manage. It is pretty difficult to cut the hair at the back of your head with a big pair of fabric shears. But I managed well enough, I think. Right after it was dry I hated it, but I think it's growing on me. I'd still like to go to a hairdresser, but this will keep it out of my face 'till then. Mom said I look like a Beatle. I don't look like a Beatle.

I made a video and put it up on YouTube. I've been thinking about doing that sort of thing for a while, mostly as an exercise in talking to cameras. This is still super awkward, and the camera quality is terrible, but you can see my haircut in it:
Belowwww the cut! )

I got my comics drawn and uploaded (they're in the post previous to this one if you missed them) and I cleaned my room a bit. Tomorrow I'll finish with my room, clean up around the house a bit (vacuum upstairs and do the dishes), do a journal comic, and go see Scott Pilgrim with mom.


Aug. 13th, 2010 11:33 pm
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I am, indeed, alive. I've been a bit hit and miss with actually updating this thing, but making a post is a good way to stop that, so here we go.

Comic-Con was terrible and fun, it the way that only a convention center filled with thousands of geeks can be. I got a couple of things I wanted, totally failed at getting a couple things I wanted, met a couple comic book people, and hung out watching academic presentations of comic book topics.

On the last day, somebody stopped me and exclaimed "you look so different when you're not dressed as a boy!" At first I was thrown, because I do occasionally dress like a boy, but this lady was definitely not referring to me. Apparently there was a girl (named Jamie?) that was hanging out with Tony Lee all weekend and I look a lot like her? I have no idea.

Since the con I've been trying to get a job (no luck) and preparing for the new semester of school. That should be both cool and terrible. I'm taking science and math (an anthropology lab, descriptive astronomy, intermediate algebra) and music classes to fill out my credits (music theory for guitar, rock music history).
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So, Lia ([ profile] mertondingle) just posted up her riveting account of her trip down heer to visit for a week. That happened like a month and a half ago, so I suppose I should post up my pictures.

Long post is long )
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Ahh, okay, the past month and some:

-Lia ([ profile] mertondingle) came to visit. It was awesome. We went on boats, a submarine, hung out at the science center, saw a planetarium show, went to the zoo, the beach, a drive-in movie (iron man 2!) and got drunk enough that we both passed out before we got to what we'd actually planned on doing while drunk. I may be forgetting something (besides most of that night).

-My brother visited and it was alright. I helped pick out a purse for Mom's birthday in August and he paid. I hope she likes it.

-My classes next semester will be as follows, provided that I can actually get Financial Aid. I don't know what the hell is going on with that. I have to go in and ask, I think.
anyhow: Intermediate Algebra, An Anthropology Lab, Descriptive Astronomy, Music Theory for Guitar and History of Rock Music. The last two are just to fill out my credits - but awesome! In the Spring I have to apply for graduation and I'll receive two associates degrees for all my dilly dallying. One in English and one in Creative Writing.

-Comic-con starts tomorrow and I'm completely panicking about it. Not only because it's 100,000+ people, but because I've just realised that my registration for Thursday was never emailed to me. I've emailed the con people and I got back a form email that said I'd be able to pick it up with just an ID, buuuut the main site says differently, so I emailed the registration people too. Ahhhhh.
EDIT: Actually, they never send me a Thursday ticket because I never bought one. fffffff.
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Howdy and hello! I thought I'd sketch something, but I'm low on ideas, so I'm farming it out by creating a meme.

Here's how it goes!

1. Pick a character (or two or three). People that I'm familiar with would be good.
2. Pick a situation (eating ice cream, being eaten by ice cream) or an adjective (grumpy, happy).
3. I'll sketch it up and post them all up!
4. I reserve the right to misinterpret prompts.
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I know at least one person on ye olde flist is going to Comic-Con. If you're going and would like to meet up with me sometime, let me know!


Jun. 2nd, 2010 01:35 am
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Okay, need to make a post now to go over quickly everything that's happened in the past couple weeks:

Finals taken, classes finished! I had a moment of sheer terror when I walked in for my British Literature final - I was two hours late! It's like one of those terrible cliche dreams, except I wasn't naked (that might have improved the situation, who knows). But the professor was very understanding and I wrote my final essay in his office while he started working on the rest of the class's papers. At one point another teacher walked up to the door and asked him if he was done with grading and he responded that he hasn't but all he had left were the Brit lit papers and Brit Lit students aren't just any old students. XD

So, I have an A in British lit, a B in both Mythology and Communications and don't know what my grade is yet for my Self-Defense class, but probably a B. Overall, I've got around a 3.0 now. That's good for me!

This morning I drove up with mom to take my driver's exam, but (alas) I made a FATAL ERROR and failed. Basically, I swung into traffic too early and a car had to avoid me. Oooops. I was trying to rush passing the test (well, as rushed as you can get taking a drive test at 21) for super secret special reasons, which meant that I had to take it downtown rather than around where I live. Oh well. I shall reschedule and try again. Maybe in an area I'm more familiar with next time!

I had a school counselor appointment today, wherein I learned that I have to take more classes than I thought I had to take, that I have to attend Fall and Spring, and that I'm going to come out of it with two Associates degrees (English and English Creative Writing), two certificates, and possibly one other thing. In the fall I have to take more math and science...which I've been studiously avoiding. Also, I might need to take an American Lit class? I have to go back and check.

I also took a look at a music theory class that they have being taught on the guitar. I've been practicing the guitar just about everyday, but it would be great to actually know more about what I'm doing and how the guitar actually works as an instrument.

I felt absolutely terrible after my test today, but I do know that I'm on a track. I'm going somewhere!

(lets hope it's not off a cliff)

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So, this past week, I started having what seems like an allergic reaction - one that I've had before on two occasions: this time I've gone rash on my ears and down my neck, and it itches like hell if I scratch I haven't been. The first time was three years ago, and then the next time with similar stuff was last year. I went to an allergist then and he thought it was a virus gone systemic, but it seems to me like I've got an allergy to something that happens around here around this time.

Anyhow, I went into the doctor today and he prescribed me some Prednizone (basically, a steroid) and some antihistamines. Hopefully that'll get it to stop. After I moved here to La Mesa it's happened just about every year around July (so this year it's early) except for in 2008 when I was up visiting my dad at the end of July.

So...after all that, we still really don't know what has caused this or what will cause it in the future. I'm supposed to make an appointment with an allergist. Maybe he'll be able to figure it out. Run tests or something.

Now mom wants to go down to Lowes, so I'll write more on school and stuff when we get back.

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