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Ahh, okay, the past month and some:

-Lia ([ profile] mertondingle) came to visit. It was awesome. We went on boats, a submarine, hung out at the science center, saw a planetarium show, went to the zoo, the beach, a drive-in movie (iron man 2!) and got drunk enough that we both passed out before we got to what we'd actually planned on doing while drunk. I may be forgetting something (besides most of that night).

-My brother visited and it was alright. I helped pick out a purse for Mom's birthday in August and he paid. I hope she likes it.

-My classes next semester will be as follows, provided that I can actually get Financial Aid. I don't know what the hell is going on with that. I have to go in and ask, I think.
anyhow: Intermediate Algebra, An Anthropology Lab, Descriptive Astronomy, Music Theory for Guitar and History of Rock Music. The last two are just to fill out my credits - but awesome! In the Spring I have to apply for graduation and I'll receive two associates degrees for all my dilly dallying. One in English and one in Creative Writing.

-Comic-con starts tomorrow and I'm completely panicking about it. Not only because it's 100,000+ people, but because I've just realised that my registration for Thursday was never emailed to me. I've emailed the con people and I got back a form email that said I'd be able to pick it up with just an ID, buuuut the main site says differently, so I emailed the registration people too. Ahhhhh.
EDIT: Actually, they never send me a Thursday ticket because I never bought one. fffffff.
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