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I'm sure you've seen links to this all over your flist already, but: [ profile] help_haiti is a fandom auction set up to help support Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. Basically, people bid to have writers produce fic, or people to make jewelry or any other number of things. The winning bidder shows proof of donation, and gets a wonderful whatever in return.

In my case, I'm offering some fan art. My thread for bids is HERE, should anyone be interested. Five bucks seems to be the general low starting bid, so that's where mine is starting.

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[ profile] fandom_stocking!

[ profile] eponymous_rose wrote me an awesome Jonas fic (SG1) about his first trip off of the base. (Part one) (Part two)
[ profile] van_donovan drew me some absolutely adorable Avon/Vila. (And we added each other as friends after, so hooray for new friends!)
[ profile] saruwatari wrote me a charming Rosencrantz and Guildenstern fic.
[ profile] shannonsequitur made me a couple funny icons (with Six/Rani and one of Rimmer).
[ profile] eve11 wrote me a really lovely Doctor/TARDIS fic set during the Time War, So To Stone. It's angsty and really very good.
and [ profile] weaslette left me same awesome Data icons. Including one with Data and Spot! <3

I was a bit fail this year and mostly just left well wishes, but I did manage to write two little things. One was a little Doctor/Romana fic and the other was the Doctor and Fitz watching some James Bond.

Thanks to everyone!
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So, you probably heard about the Dalek in the Pond.

Now, somebody on LJ has created a whole community for fic based on how it ended up there. How awesome is that?

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Goddamn it, Eight counts!
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I've been getting into Psych, and poking around in the fandom a bit. And I'm totally into a particular ship, so I'd been watching a couple YouTube videos of said ship (Shawn/Lassiter aw yeah) when I find video by a real life friend of mine that I've known for years. Then, In looking at some of the other videos, I saw comments by her, including a link to Shawn/Lassiter fanfic she wrote! I knew she was a fan of the show, but I didn't know she did that sort of stuff, so I thought, AWESOME, I shall tell her I am into the fandom. I'd love to have someone in real life I can share fandomey things with. Then this happened:

Dibmonkey (9:09:07 PM): god help me, I am getting into Psych fandom.
Frank2Did5It (9:09:27 PM): o_o
Frank2Did5It (9:09:29 PM): xD
Frank2Did5It (9:09:37 PM): Welcome to my world.
Dibmonkey (9:09:46 PM): lolz
Dibmonkey (9:11:04 PM): i've been watching episodes online. got through season one and working on two now.
Frank2Did5It (9:11:12 PM): Cool.
Frank2Did5It (9:11:16 PM): Season 3 starts soon.
Dibmonkey (9:13:25 PM): yeah. Was reminded that you were a fan when I saw a comment you made on a YouTube video i was watching.
Frank2Did5It (9:13:33 PM): Lawl, really?
Dibmonkey (9:14:04 PM): yes. twas an odd real life meets internets moment.
Frank2Did5It (9:16:07 PM): Heh, neat.
Dibmonkey (9:19:33 PM): haha, so if I dig around, am I going to find embarassing fic you've written? (eh, not that i'd dig around)
Frank2Did5It (9:19:59 PM): I don't think so.
Frank2Did5It (9:20:14 PM): Mostly because I haven't written any fics for Psych.

But you have! You have written smushy, muture-readers-only Shassie fic!

LIAR. LIAR. Pants on FIRE.

Do Be Do

Mar. 17th, 2008 01:37 pm
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Stolen from...everyone:
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The poem I wrote for class today:

Oh my god.
My childhood is ruined
I have just found
something so
horribibble, so
intrinsically wrong
that it brings a new
and terrible realism
to rule thirty-four.

(#34: "If it exists
there is porn of it.
No exceptions.")

The now ex-friend who
sent the link to the story
must have been half-mad,
high, or sleep deprived.
For who in their right mind
would actually search


I have seen horrible things
in my internets, read questionable
tales wherein the characters
in no way resemble their
original canon characteristics,
hurriedly clicked away from photos
of Snape and Harry dueling boners,
Doctor Who doing who knows what,
...and you probably don't want to know
about Jabba the Hut.

But THIS. This abomination
is beyond comprehension.
Who WROTE this?
What drove them to write about
anthropomorphized L-shaped
Tetris blocks in bondage gear?

I don't think that Joseph Conrad
had Tetris porn in mind
when he wrote:
"The horror! The horror!"
but damn, that's how I feel.


The fanfic that inspired this is HERE, if you feel like traumatizing yourself.
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So, my goal over the weekend was to finish writing the Closet Drama (a play that is meant to be read rather than performed) that's supposed to be finished by Thursday. Did I finish that? NOOOO, I did not. Instead, I re-watched season one Torchwood episodes and made a cheese-tastic Tegan/Five playlist.  I swear fandom is eating me whole and is not apologizing.

I did manage to get most of my reading done, and I already had my poem for workshop done last week. The teacher was sick so the copies have been sitting in my backpack ever since. I'm really starting to dislike the poetry teacher, too...her taste seems to differ to the opposite extremes from mine. I suppose I shouldn't expect to be picked for the student reading this year. *headdesk*
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Why do you sometimes add exclamation points into the middle of completely!random phrases?

Example: OMG this is so Doctor!love hehe.

It seems to denote excitement of some sort, but why not put the exclamation point at the end where it's supposed to go?


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