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Got this message yesterday in my inbox:

" should really get rid of that first picture. I mean, I'm glad I clicked on your profile despite the fact that it seems you went out of your way to make yourself ugly in that one. Which is impressive, because you're actually awesomely cute. And not blonde? But yes, the scarf is nice.

Anyway, enough rambling. Check my profile and message me back. Or not."

I'm going with "or not"

Silly face picture in question:

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I'm back! I'm glad to be back!

The famed Gilroy Garlic Festival was HUGE. I have no idea why so many people were there. It wasn't that great (I think it would have been a lot better if I was drinking mass quantities of alcohol like most of the crowd), but I had garlic fries and I tried some garlic ice cream. The fries were good. The ice cream was absolutely terrible.

While there I met the mother of my brother's girlfriend (Janice)...who seemed normal until she started talking about how the next day they were going to go scatter the ashes of Janice's dog on some hiking trail up where they used to live. And she was carrying the ashes around IN HER PURSE...and apparently she'd been carrying them around for months. Someone agree with me that that's not normal. My brother just looked totally pooped out. I can't imagine he had fun scattering those ashes the next day.

I got to show my Dad and Stepmom more Doctor Who while I was there, and they love it. Which is awesome. We watched some First Doctor bits and Timelash! Hehe, yes, I know...Timelash...but I love Timelash. And by the way! if you were thinking of getting Timelash on DVD, Paul Darrow is on the commentary with Colin and Nicola and it is absolutely hilarious.

Hmm...that's all for now, I think.

ETA: Oh, and I also wore my Lost Boys t-shirt to the Garlic Festival! Few people got the irony, but it made me giggle.

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Okay, this is bound to become a bit disjointed since it's past five in the morning, I haven't slept yet, and I have a lot to talk about.

A bit about Torchwood, and particularly Owen (spoilery for 2.8): )

I finally broke down and spent some of the money that I got from selling my car. I bought four things...the first two arrived this week, and I'm very happy. The first: new shoes! I have been drooling over these for quite a while. They're the exact color of my 1983 liz claiborne purse (six bucks at a vintage shop...awesome!) It was only after I ordered them that I realized the Sixth Doctor also had bright green, obviously, I have an awesome sense of style...right?

Second thing: Yarn! Yarn for my Fifth Doctor scarf! It shall be I may be able to join the who knit-along after all.

Umm....that's it for now, I think. More to blather about, but it'll have to wait till later.

notes to talk about:
my father
knitting needles

There is an owl hooting outside my window. Hoot. Hoot.
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This weekend I'm taking a trip up to see my Dad. For you internet peoples, that means that I won't be around from Friday until Tuesday evening. For me, this means a few things:

1) A nine hour train ride up the California coast...which is really nice...for about three hours. In preparation for this I plan on bringing several of my new school books (mostly writing books and poetry), my entire iTunes library shoved onto my iPod, a German/English dictionary (to translate some of the German songs I just downloaded), and a blank notebook (and my laptop...but it'll be impossible to see the screen with the light from the window...I learned that last time when I tried to watch a movie.)  Hopefully I'll be able to get some writing done.

2) I get to hang out with my Dad and his lovely wife Nancy. Despite latent issues I probably have with my Dad, I really do enjoy hanging out with him. He is much closer to my personality than my mother is, and it's a bit easier to be my regular snarky self around him. (By the way: how great is the word snark? I love it.) His wife Nancy has a job that fascinates me (nurse at a high security mental hospital) and I look forward to a story or two about that as well as being generally artsy with her.

3) I will have no access to internet or cable television. Every time I visit this is a bit like coming off of an addiction. Sometimes I think I should just cut myself off completely...then I realize that that's completely insane.

4) Nancy says she knows somebody that she wants me to meet. Like, a guy. A guy that reminds her of me. While this may or may not happen, I can't help but wonder at the oddness of it. Though from what she says, I may enjoy his company. Or it could be a horrible disaster that we will all laugh at years down the the line. Either way, sounds kinda awesome.


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