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Title: Duet
Fandom: Red Dwarf
Summary: original!Rimmer/Lister, season 8 - references to Thanks for the Memory
Alternate link: Red Dwarf Slash Comm
Length: 1,853

It had been Lister’s best find yet. )

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Title: Code
Fandom: Red Dwarf
Summary: Lister has a question, Rimmer has a chart.
Alternate link: Red Dwarf slash comm
Length: 495

D'ya ever worry about being dead? )

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Title: Excerpts from the Relatively Sequential Diary of Perpugilliam Brown
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: Peri gains some insight into the Doctor.
Alternate link: Teaspoon
Length: 1,140

I wonder if it has something to do with time travel, or if he’s just afraid of going back. )

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So, I'm going to post the four stories I've written. Sorry in advance for the spammage.

Title: Shortsighted
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: The Rani considers some similarities. Follows Mark of the Rani.
Alternate link: Teaspoon
Length: 145

It was easier for her to think of things the way she first learned them. )

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- [ profile] act_three now has over thirty members! And people are participating! Whee.

- I wrote some angst-o-rama Red Dwarf fic. It currently resides over here at [ profile] reddwarfslash.

- My English teacher is requiring spectacularly anal levels of organization to go into this research paper.

This includes: Cards for every single piece of information that might be used within the essay with what source it came from and a letter denoting whether it was a direct quote or paraphrase. Those cards are to be separated into used and unused. Also, citation cards (and a Works Cited at the back of the paper), multiple rough drafts, and, for every source, photocopies of the actual pages that I got the information from along with a photocopy of the copyright page. All of that, along with the final draft, are to be sealed into a manila envelope when the assignment is due.

Really. What the shit is that all about? This is an advanced English class. I don't think there really needs to be such extensive precautions taken against plagiarism, if that's what this is. I just think the teacher is an anal pedant.

I don't organize that way! I'd rather just write the damn thing.

Man, I'm going to lose all of those fricken cards.


Mar. 6th, 2009 10:52 pm
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People were staring at me on Thursday. Two cars honked while passing me on the street. This is not normal, and I am trying to account for it without much success. I was wearing jeans with a pink t-shirt, black tank, and black vest over the top. None of this was revealing in any way. I had my hair back in a ponytail. I did my make-up. There was nothing especially out of order about it.

1) I was self-conscious about wearing something I would have usually worn with a jacket, or something else over the top, so I was more likely to notice when someone looked at me.
2) There was something off about me that people were drawn to look at, but which I didn't notice.
3) There was a quantum leak in the multilayered "attention field", which caused it to shift, momentarily, to bring focus on me.
4) Inexplicably, I looked nice.

...I think I'm going with #3.


Oh, also, I've written Red Dwarf fic...but not the one I mentioned working on before. It's over here at [ profile] reddwarfslash  if you'd like to read it (though it's not particularly slashy, more of a character study).


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