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Pick a character I've written, either in RP or fanfiction, and I'll tell you five things from my headcanon about them.


I didn't get the job at the casino. Not even a second interview! Ah well. They sent me a very impersonal form letter that hadn't even been signed by anyone. :/ Maybe I'll throw myself around to the local bookstores and see if I can get a job in the basement selling books to fine customers.

For the past couple weeks we've had a woman staying in the house. I've known this woman my entire life. She's the one who, upon my birth, convinced my mother to switch my intended first and middle names - much to my later dismay, and now she's staying with us while she does some work. I'll say briefly: this woman is all the things that annoy me about my mother turned up to eleven. She's extremely extroverted, incredibly tidy, snores like a dying yak, and says things like "libary" without notice. She's also incredibly nice and does the dishes, so I can't complain, but I have tended to stay up later at night or hide away in my room so I can get some time to myself. This has totally whacked out my sleep schedual. I suppose I'm just not used to it yet. ...And I don't know how long she's staying, so I may have to.

In more pleasant news, my new laptop is supposed to show up tomorrow. Yay.

Also, I've been reading through the EDA's with Fitz in (I figure that I should read his canon if I run a comm for the guy!) and would just like to say that Unnatural History is complete and utter crack. I can no longer say I haven't read a book in which someone has been mugged by a unicorn on the streets of San Francisco.

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Got this message yesterday in my inbox:

" should really get rid of that first picture. I mean, I'm glad I clicked on your profile despite the fact that it seems you went out of your way to make yourself ugly in that one. Which is impressive, because you're actually awesomely cute. And not blonde? But yes, the scarf is nice.

Anyway, enough rambling. Check my profile and message me back. Or not."

I'm going with "or not"

Silly face picture in question:

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My English teacher seems to disagree with me on just about any issue that we discuss in class. If I was a smart person, I would not take this as an opportunity to write all of my papers as harshly as possible. Write an essay about technology? Okay. She believes in objective morality and intelligent design? I'll write my essay about how morals and religion interfere with the progression of science, and also suggest that Victor Frankenstein didn't have such a bad idea when he created his monster!

No, really, I did that.

I think I'm just wondering how far she'll put up with me before writing something like "YOU'RE WRONG STFU" on one of my papers.
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So, my first class of the day is possibly the most depressing and ego-damaging class ever. First of all, there's construction going on to that side of the campus, so the classroom itself, usually open to sunlight, is now contained by a long wooden wall that blocks out all natural light. Down this dark corridor, I walked to the classroom. The classroom itself is plain and boring except for the clock which has inexplicably been removed from the wall entirely, leaving a gaping hole with wires poking out. A different clock (or maybe the same one?) hangs sloppily at the back of the room. This dark and sparse environment breeds despair like none other I've experienced.

Now, I'll confess that I'm outrageously terrible at math, and I always have been. The fun theory stuff, physics and so on, is very interesting, but practically it just doesn't compute for me. Which is why I signed up for this class in the first place. It's an algebra class specifically designed for people who've had trouble in math. This in itself is damaging to the ego. I'm supposed to be brilliant at everything! To even suggest that it might be useful to be in a class that explains things clearer is absolutely preposterous.

But, I thought, I can get past this feeling, and do my best to learn. I was the first person to arrive in class, and as people filed in around me, I did my best to read their faces for any sign of intelligence. Some small sign would have been fine to assure me that I was not alone. But I didn't find one.

Among the crowd was a girl I knew from my playwriting class and, based on the plays she's written, she's not the beacon of intelligence I was looking for. However, she is disabled, and stuck in a wheelchair. Even though she's a very nice person, she makes me a bit uncomfortable. I've always felt that way around people that very obviously can't take care of themselves. I don't know if that's normal or just me, but it does make me uncomfortable, and then I feel bad about feeling uncomfortable.

So, she sat next to me. As class started, six people including her turn in disability forms and a scribe was sent down from the office to take notes for them. It was at that point that my gut clenched into twisted, ego-filled knots that refused to go away. I nearly groaned aloud when the teacher used the phrase "special needs". In my mind, it tried to compensate by taking very neat and organized notes and being clever on the "introduce yourself" questions, but it wasn't working very well.

There was a small war going on in my head, aided by the ego-knot in my gut that went something like:
Ego: You're crashing this class! You don't even have to stay, you could go take another math class! One that's not filled with idiots and disabled people!
Head: I'm sure they learn just as well as I do and this class will be good for me. You're not better than this.
Ego: Yes, I am!

And it went on like that. When the class ended, I went up to him to add the class, and I got the distinct impression that he thought I was a raging idiot. He asked me why I was adding the class and I said that I was recommended to it. He turned, squinted at me and asked "what does that mean?"
I clarified. "By a counselor."
Then he mumbled and gave me an add code.

Good grief.
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We've been going over fallacies in Logic class.

In a twist of sitcom-like humor, my logic professor is anything but logical. He presents the material clearly and then goes on to give supporting examples filled with logical mistakes (as well as things that just make me want to punch him in the face).

In today's class he went on a tirade about how gay men are naturally more promiscuous than straight men because "nobody says no in a gay bar" and "men aren't picky like women". Then, he went on to support those claims by talking about some novel written about the gay scene in 60's San Fransisco. Appeal to unqualified authority much?

Then, he gave us a tip that when people say "well, when I was young..." That's usually a particular fallacy. Not a minute later, he uses that exact phrase in an explanation. I actually laughed out loud at the pure absurdity of it.

Great logical steps there, asshole.

Finals are next week. I just hope that his test questions make sense. In one of his examples today I pointed out that "they" could have been referring to either of two subjects in the sentence...which would make it an amphiboly, but since he wrote the example, he didn't notice that and intended it as an example of something else.

Agh. One more week.


Aug. 26th, 2008 06:17 pm
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Part two on my classes:

The math teacher made no significant impression, besides that he may explain things a bit fast for me in the future. He let us out super-early and I had a couple hours before my last class of the day,

Logic. The teacher of this class looks like a cross between Sadaam Hussein and Jeff Foxworthy. He talked for the entire class period about the Education system (damn, can this man just talk and talk and talk) and how apparently everything we as students know about it is completely wrong. I alternatively agreed with him and wanted to throw my shoe at his head. There was no middle ground.

Hopefully he'll eventually get around to actually teaching us something.

Man, I've got a lot of reading to do already. Also, I'm hella sore from walking all around yesterday after being rather sedentary all summer.
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Midway through my classes right now, taking my break in the library before Algebra and Logic. This morning I got up, got ready, decided to take the later bus, and then promptly (or not so promptly) missed the later bus and had to walk to the next bus stop in what is probably the hottest, most humid weather I've experienced this year. Still, I got to school, and on time!

The skinny on my first two classes:
Philosophy of the Modern Mind seems like it will be a fun class, and the teacher is sufficiently manic to get me energized about starting up school every Monday. Though, he did wear tight jeans and a shirt open enough to see chest hair, which weirds me out a bit. He did a super-quick overview of what we'll be covering in class. I think I'm the first person ever to be excited about learning Spinoza (though that's 90% because of the comic Family Man). The class itself seems to be a pretty good cross-section, except for the possibility of one Philosophy major who seems bent on asking questions about things only marginally related to what is actually being discussed.

The teachers quote-to-go-on for the class? "Philosophy is the spirit of it's age, reflected in thought." -Hegel

Second I have British Literature, with a teachure who's actually British! Hoo-rah. He did say where he was from but I can't quite remember at the moment. He started out the class with a rock song playing on his boombox, which was unique and bodes well, I think. And he reads Terry Pratchett! Yet, on the other side of the coin, we are also starting out the semester with Beowulf. And as Woody Allen says, "Just don't take any class where you have to read Beowulf". I must have read that damn thing at least five times by now, but hopefully it'll just be a bit of discussion and then on to the rest. Also, he talks a bit slow, which I can see getting a bit tiresome if I happen to be tired allready. We did the interview-someone-else-and-tell-the-class-about-them thing, and the class is understandably full of English majors, as well as a few others (I believe marginally-related-question boy from my Philosophy class is included in those).

This teacher's quote-to-go-on? "The players are the abstract and brief chronicles of their time" - Hamlet

Both teachers seem like genial folk, and on first impression, I believe I should be able to get along with them fairly well. Both classes are going to have essays, which isn't new to me, but the Philosophy class will have essay tests, which, outside of my AP tests in High School, is fairly new to me.

Now, for a quick munch on something and then reving my brain up into Math gear. Whoo boy.


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